Picture of Jogging stroller / bike trailer hack / conversion

This instructable will explain how to convert a jogging stroller into a bike trailer for small children, while still allowing the freedom of using it as a jogging stroller.

Step 1: Obtain supplies

Picture of Obtain supplies


1 jogging stroller (found free or cheap at yard sale)

13 hex bolts

13 nuts

13 locking washers

plenty of washers for spaces as needed

1 hitch pin with r clip

1 caster wheel with flat four bolt pattern (check out the bolt pattern on your bike before buying and use existing holes)

L-frame steel with pre-drilled holes (length will be varied due to bike size and stroller construction, I used about 7.5 feet or two four foot poles)

bike to attach trailer to


wrench set

angle grinder (or hack saw)


drill with bits (as needed)


¡Todo genial gracias por la idea!

TinyTraveller2 months ago

Nice workaround, great use for an old beat up stroller

Congrats on being a finalist!

Wow, that's super cool! :)

kbc21 year ago
nicely done. i think i can bypass my "honey do" list to attempt this idea. have some high grade aluminum in the garage that should do the trick. realy like the caster idead for the hitch point.

well done, I like the cross brace.

Nicola2831 year ago

What an awesome idea!

baecker031 year ago
I was thinking about an idea for such a thing, but you might really want to consider reworking the design with properly designed harnessing and roll prevention and a cage as well