Joghurt to German Quark





Introduction: Joghurt to German Quark

There are not many things I miss from germany,

But a good "quark" is sure one of them!!!

Now this is my 5th Instructable, I am catching on, how to make my pictures

somewhat better

constructive Criticism/help appreciated any time.

Step 1: This Is Jam Sized Fisished Quark, We Started With 1000 Ml Joghurt. 1/4 Gallon

Now I will show you the steps

You will need

-1 large sieve

-1 larger pot

- Cheese cloth large enough to cover

several layers of material over the sieve,

Alternatively you can use a large cotton sack.

- small plate to separate cheese cloth covered joghurt from weight,

- heavy ball jar or spaghetti jar for continuous pressure

Step 2: Second Step Prepare Sieve and Cheese Cloth

Very gently layer Cheese cloth into medium Sieve over a large pot.

Fold over the remaining cheese cloth, place a small dish ( it should fit inside the sieve) and place a heavier item on top of this construction. let sit 6 hours check and let sit up to 12 hours

Step 3: Fold Over Edges of Cheese Cloth

Place the plate on top

Step 4: Almost Done !!!!!

Step 5: Quark Has a Higher Density and Is a More Compact Form.

Now that the Joghurt has had a chance to drain

(I use a heavy glass container to put pressure

onto the cheesecloth ) that makes it drain better.



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Quarks are subatomic articles

Quark is the stage between joghurt and fresh cheese

Belching dragon I rearranged and added some items makes mire sense now


So what is quark? I thought it was a subatomic particle.

I don't understand. Where are the instructions? What you have is vague. I like the pictures.