Johan's Favourite Alcohol Stove : One-Can Sideburner (No Pot Stand)

This stove uses only one can and needs no pot stand.
The design transfers a lot of heat into the pot and not around it.
On taller cans, you have plenty of material left from the middle of the can to create some sort of windscreen.

The design can be further refined by adding a proper internal wall and drilling jets. On pressurised topburner can stoves, I usually make 24 jets in a 2:1 pattern, using a drill with a sewing needle as a bit.

This is not my design, I wish it was. It is based on the
Garlington YACC Stove ("Yet Another Coke Can Stove").
Here is my way of making it.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Drinks can (I like Dr Pepper)
Utility knife
Rounded file
Stack of coins (an even number) taped together to measure 1.5 inches tall [UK 2p x 20]
Small, sharp scissors
Cutting mat or graph paper with large grid
Large flat blade screwdriver

I found out today that these make good starters for the jet stove like: https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Jet-Stove-Pocket-Sized-Alcohol-Powered-Stov/ <br>just put the jet stove on top after you light this one. <br> <br>
Of course! I never even thought of that, good idea.
Another thing is that its burns out really quicky so you can add a whole lot more fuel to the jet stove :P
Nice! I like that it doesn't require a stand. I'll be making one of these to replace my penny version. Thanks!
I just finished mine and I'm about to go test it?
<p>The upper half popped out a few seconds after I ignited the alcohol stove. Has anyone experienced this? How did you prevent the upper half from popping out? The one I made, the upper half doesn't seem to have a tight fit to the bottom part.</p>
<p>Update: I placed some weight on top of the stove for about an hour. Made a few tweaks on the slits just so they are just below the seam and I get a good ring now. Nice. :-) I've made alcohol stoves from the capillary hoop stove I found from tetkoba's channel. Also made the common open jet stove and the penny stove and finally this 1 can design. I'll make a few more stoves using this design and give them away to my hiking buddies this christmas. :-D</p><p>Thanks for sharing this Johan.</p>
<p>Tips on making it more secure: http://youtu.be/hdYHrX2KydY</p>
Nice! I'll try to build this one too. I've tested a lot of different types, this looks to be the easiest one to build.
I love that it says &quot;What's the worst that could happen?&quot; on the can. Not that anything could possibly go wrong here...
If you use a can opener you can remove the top of the can very easily and quickly
Its funny how it says &quot;what's the worst that could happen&quot;
I just made one the other day :)
Nice! How does it burn?
its burns fairly well, it melted a 16 jar filled with wax, wouldn't recommend rubbing alcohol with less than %70 it works but it takes longer.:P
16 ounce <br> <br>
Could you tell me if I need to fix any thing any one, Thanks :) <br>
props. clean work.
for how long can i use one (life) <br>
Honestly, I don't know. I can't imagine it getting blocked (no small jet holes), but I have not tested one for long enough to say yet. Why not make a few spares?
How many coins?
20 = 1.5 inches, 10 coins = 3/4 inch, but they are UK 2 pence coins I used. It is just an easy way to mark up the cans. You can use whatever you want to get the height.
do you know about pennies?
thx <br>
How do u ignite the stove? I had a previous penny stove that was very tedious to ignite
You just light the fuel in the centre opening and wait for a few seconds. When the ring of blue flame appears, put your pot on top and cook!
is it possible to make bacon with this stove :P(gotta get daily intake of bacon :) <br>
Don't see why not. Try a small frying pan on top. You can &quot;grill&quot; a cheese sandwich in the pan too - works pretty well!
Great Idea.........

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