Hey Guys!

This summer, myself and two friends cycled from John O' Groats (the most northerly point of the UK) to Lands End (the most southerly point).

This is a guide on how to plan the trip, complete the trip and earn a great deal of money for charity.

We raised a collective £4500!

I'm entering the Epilog Challenge, so if you like this please vote for me!

On to the next step!

Step 1: Plan!

This is a massive part of the bike ride, if you don't plan your route well you'll find yourself riding on broken tarmac and getting cut up beyond belief by busy commuters! There are some roads you cannot avoid without going miles out of the way, but there is a great deal of roads that can be changed.

The route we chose, as not by any means the shortest. There were certain places/things/people we wanted to see on the way. Our trip ended up at 1004 miles, but you can do it i around 900 miles if you wanted.

We decided to complete the ride in 12 days, roughly 80 miles a day. This isn't by any means a massive distance per day, but when you're doing it day in day out, sleeping in a tent, and cooking all your meals; it's certainly enough!

I started my planning with an A2 map of the UK, i drew a line down the middle of what looked like the best route, divided it into 12 different point, and then found campsites near each of those points. I then went onto google maps and found each individual route, making use of street view to see what the road conditions were like when it seemed we would be on that road for a long time.

I've linked up the route cards we made and used, to give you an idea of what you can do. They are fairly simple, but they got us there!
<p>This is just great! You men did a fantastic job. Win-win-win (you-charity-us inspired readers)!</p>
Great! I'm going to do this one day! One day......
do it! set a couple of weeks in the summer and aim for it, you'll love it!
&pound;4500?<br><br>Well done, chaps!<br><br>I doubt I'll ever do the trip under my own steam, but I may one day do it as a motorised holiday...<br><br>
<br> Ah, I see you can <a href="https://www.justgiving.com/donation/sponsor?process=3&queryId=cGFnZT0yNjczNDgw">still donate</a>!<br>
Or, here!<br><br>http://www.justgiving.com/matthew-mew

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