John Winchesters Colt - Colt Paterson 1836





Introduction: John Winchesters Colt - Colt Paterson 1836

Colt Paterson 1836

Cosplay prop for John Winchester cosplay.

Materials used:
- wood (birch) - I got mine from the hardware store
- tools: saw, sanding paper, engraving tools, wood glue, knife
- acrylic paint

Step 1: References

As usual!
Getting the complete idea, what this weapon looks like from all sides, it takes some references. The model of this colt is the Paterson colt of 1836 - the very first gun made by Samuel Colt. The colt prop used at the tv show supernatural clearly has it's unique details, this is what I was hoping to reconstruct, too.

Step 2: 3d Modeling

To get the idea, I started building a 3d model of the colt with my program rhinoceros.
I used the blueprint later.

Step 3: Craftwing

Printing out the blueprint helps you focusing and getting the measurements correct.
NOTE:Think about the scale for your hand!This is my relatively tiny woman's hand^^'

Copy the parts onto the wood (I used birch) with a pencil and get ready to use the saw!

Step 4:

Once I got the basic cut of the colt I used sand paper to smooth it and get the edges as sharp as necessary.
A round timber cut in 3 parts - using the two side parts - function as the barrel. the round timber needs to be divided into 3. Glue it onto the colt.
Sand paper to smooth again!

After that I used the tools I could find to engrave the details - the guns details,the ornaments and the pentagram of salomon of course.

Step 5: Color

Painting time. I coded the whole colt with some dark grey spray paint first. After that use silver and grey to give it a metal-ish look.
Some brown mixing for the handle.

Step 6: A Colt to Hunt With

The finished prop made myself and a 'fun' photo example of the cosplay+prop.

Yellow eyed demon here I come!!



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    Do you still have the 3d model? I'd love to use this on my 3d printer.

    I know this is kind of an older post but I've been looking to buy a replica, so I'm going to make a 3d model in Inventor when I get time. I you still want one, I'll sent you the STL

    way cool i am gonna make one this weekend and tell all my supernatural buds about yall

    thx! Good luck with your colt. show me when its done :D

    i certainly will if i can find my camera

    Be careful with that Id hate to read about you on Drudgereport

    Shot dead by the PoPo thinking its a real gun - from a distance it looks real

    Oh wow. I guess I take this as a conpliment..haha
    And thank you so much for your concern. i will most certainly be careful and might add a little red to the tip,so it is marked as 'toy' :)