Introduction: Joker Body Paint

This was a lot of fun to make, I just got to joke around! Haha

I hope you guys like it and let me know what you think? ALSO subscribe to me on youtube! Help support me and my art. =^.^=


Step 1: Face!

Picture of Face!

Starting off I made my face white by covering it with a white body paint.

Step 2: Eyebrows

Picture of Eyebrows

I used green body paint to make the eyebrows

Step 3: Yes

Picture of Yes

I used black eyeshadow and made my eyeshadow all messy and drug it all over. I also put some on the eyebrows!

Step 4: Wrinkles

Picture of Wrinkles

I used a tan eyeshadow to make wrinkles. I made REALLY odd faces to just fill in natural wrinkles on my face. haha.

Step 5: Mouth

Picture of Mouth

For the mouth I used red body paint to make the smile. Then I took a darker red to fill in some inside, it helped make the cut marks. Then I used white to highlight.

Step 6: More Wrinkles

Picture of More Wrinkles

Then I got that tan again and made more wrinkles.

Step 7: Green Hair

Picture of Green Hair

I put some green body paint in my hair.

Step 8: Body

Picture of Body

I outlined my body with that white eyeliner, hen I used purple to fill in the jacket, and I used purple and black eye shadow to shadow.

Step 9: The Rest

Picture of The Rest

Filled in the rest of the jacket and used white body paint to highlight.

Step 10: Green Shirt

Picture of Green Shirt

I used green body paint to fill in the shirt, then I used dark green and black eyeshadow to shadow.

Step 11: Bow

Picture of Bow

Then I filled in the bow with black and used white to highlight.


gm280 (author)2016-09-14

With Halloween just around the corner, I suspect we will be seeing some very interesting faces from you. I hope so anyways. You never disappoint. Thumbs up as usual.

MsMaoMaoz (author)gm2802016-09-15

Haha, yay halloween! And thank you. =D

TheRabbitHole (author)2016-09-04

Thankyou for sharing! You are truely gifted :)

MsMaoMaoz (author)TheRabbitHole2016-09-07

Aw thank you!

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