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Introduction: Joker Motorcycle Helmet

About: I'm a artist/ helmet designer. Have a idea, or a design u want to see made Drop me a messege. follow me on twitter NumSkul_Helmets, numskul custom helmets @ facebook.

Hey fellow creators. This is my custom helmet i fabricated and painted. I'm working on some more custom helmets, Ironman, and dark samurai coming soon, Enjoy.



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    Instructables isn't for show and tell, it's for telling how to make stuff.

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    I'm trying to create an alien any materials you could recomend

    What website can we view your work and buy?

    thats freakin cool,i bet people trip out when ur riding and they see a face staring at them while your riding away,way cool.+10

    Hey timeport216, I really like that you are creating Ironman helmet too. I have hobby of creating the same. Let me know how can I do it :)

    What's going timeport216 I was wondering how much do you charge to do a helmet cause I have a concept that I would like done. If you have the time please let me know.

    That's a very unique helmet, can I use some of the images for my website page about unique motorcycle helmets? I'd love it if you would write a piece showing how you made it to put on my website!

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    Hey, I don't mind if you use the pictures to put on your website. I can't do the step by step because I have actually went into business selling my work to people. Can't show people everything you know.

    That is cool! I look forward to seeing the others. How did you do the face? Is it a mask attached to the helmet?

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    I fiberglass the mask to the helmet.

    that looks fantastic. you should really post a step by step!