Here is a sword I made after getting the idea to make a really strong one. Here are the instructions but they are not very detailed because the sword is very very hard to disassemble and I am too lazy to disassemble it. You should be able to figure it out though.

Step 1: Blade (Part 1)

Sorry, this is going to be the hardest step because I couldn't take it apart but you should figure it out.
1: Blade
2-3: End part
4-5: Middle
6: End

Step 2: Blade (Part 2)

This step is pretty easy.
2:Close-up of end
3:Close-up of tip
4:Get these twice.

Step 3: Handle

The handle is pretty easy, and the black electrical tape is optional but it makes it more comfortable.
4:View from the bottom

Step 4: Assembly

Pretty easy.
1-6:Blade Part 1 + Part 2
7:Blade + Handle
1 question: <br>Are you Jollex on YouTube aswell?
Jollex1235 is my YouTube username.
you are a freaking legend <br>my youtube name is PJMEncoreRainbows <br>your DEagle is awesome btw
if you couldnt take it apart, i think the least you could've done is explain it better, rather than taking the easy way and saying "You should be able to figure it out" But yeah i mostly figured it out :3
hey jollex i trid hitting someone when i was in a knex war but i got hit with my high powered sniper so many times in a certain area that i almost passed out but i managed to hit the person wonce he got me up.but it hurt him not so much.
Im prolly not allowed to make this lol. i've had problems with swords before so im gonna pass, and im low on pieces.
no offense, but couldn't you just buy a real sword? lol, it wont just leave bruises....
or a stick :D
And where's the accomplishment in that?
using nature :D
More like abusing it. I'd find more satisfaction out of making something anyways.
lol. i still priffer the stick, cuz when you hi people you can drop it and run and it will look like nature :D
see now you're just being a coward. I'd give them another two or three whacks with the knex weapon until they finally had enough. Eventually a stick will break. Not to mention knex ultimately look cooler.
the knex would break too probably before the stick would
lol good one
I think it should be,<br/><br/><em>Jollex's baseball bat</em><br/><br/>Awesome man.<br/>
Dang it now I have a competitor with the master sword. Oh but don't you worry I'll make sure it's better second time around... Anyways like said on KI cool sword!
could you mod it so the blade on the inside shoots out?
What blade on the inside?
it looks as though there is a blade inside the... are they supports?
so, could you mod the supports to fit together like a casing and have the inside blade pop out? that's what i intentionally meant. sorry if i was confusing.
Sweet! Is it painful when you get hit?
Don't know, I haven't hit anyone with it :P
Lol, why would that be, hmmmm? XD Because it would probably hurt like a moth*****er! XD
Like a moth muncher?
Yep :P
Try hitting a tree in your yard, if it makes a big dent, its painfull. LOL
Haha, I can hit chairs and stuff and it doesn't break.
sweet! it uses a lot of pieces though...

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