Picture of Jolt Egg Timer Detonator

The Jolt egg timer detonator is pyrotechnic detonator that will give you a Jolt of fun. It is a very eggciting project that will make you egg cream your pants.

Bad puns aside though, the egg timer detonator is a great project for many reasons:

Its cheap: The materials will cost somewhere between 0 and 20 dollars.

Its simple: I designed it so that almost any analog egg timer should work, and construction should take less then an hour.

Its useful: Ever need a 0-60 minute delay on a pyrotechnic mixture. I didn't think so.

Its inconspicuous:

TSA Agent #1- "Hey why does that can of soda have an egg timer on top of it?"

TSA Agent #2- "So people know how long it will stay carbonated after opening ... duh."

TSA Agent #1- "Then why is it duct taped to the wing of that plane?"

TSA Agent #2- "Haven't you ever seen the Twilight Zone. Messing with William Shatner is thirsty business."

TSA Agent #1- "Ohh, interesting. Hey, is that little old lady over there clipping her nails?"

TSA Agent #2- "It would appear as though you are right." ::whips out shotgun:: "DIE TERRORIST SCUM!!!"

Just in case you need more convincing though, here is a video.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Odds are you have most of the materials for this project already.

Metal can - I used a Jolt can because I liked the design. Any metal can about the same diameter of the egg timer should work.

Egg timer - The only requirement for the egg timer is that it is set by rotating. One part should stay stationary as the other part is rotated to set the time.

Syringe Tips - Can be found in ink cartridge refill kits.

Wire - Cheap speaker wire from radio shack works fine.

Capacitor Charger - Oh Snap! I just slightly validated that project.
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The mixture at the end of the instructable, with matches and stump remover, does that make a smoke grenade composition or more of an explosive composition?
volquete6 years ago
nice ible, but wtf was up with the word 'penis' at the end of the vid?
Durden ;)
I know :) Clue: -The movie "Fight Club".
oh yah tyler durden...but what does that have to do with the word 'penis' at the end of his video?
*sigh* I refer you to DEFDOM DELTAs answer further down in the comments:

If you've seen the movie Fight Club; the same song is used at the end of the movie. It is titled and produced by, "Where is my mind?-- The Pixies". At the very end of Fight Club, right before the credits start to roll, a picture of a penis flashes on screen; thus the inspiration for the instructable video-clip.
okay...i haven't seen the end of fight club. thanks for clearing it up!
No worries :)
ilpug omnibot3 years ago
Don't talk about Fight Club.
i dont get it...
yeah wtf is right
 Now THAT looks safe
Where could i get stump remover
I bought mine in Lowes and its called Specticide Stump Remover
I've heard of some people finding some at Wal-Mart, but I couldn't find some myself. But any home gardening store would do, like Lowes, Home Depot, Art Knapps and for us Canadians, Canadian Tire
tatok5 years ago
Sangat atraktif sebagai praktek dasar ilmu fisika.....
huh. capacitor? steel wool? seriusly? get some nichrome on ebay and hook it to a 9 volt. alot cheaper and easyer.
Erm, I think battery+fire=baaaaaad :P
 wel cybot if you dont want to wait then grab a 9 volt from your "scrap drawer" and some copper wire from your scrap drawer and use thin copper wire
easy as lemon meringue pie
yeah, but that takes time for things to arrive from ebay, looking in a your scrap drawer is intsant.
Colonel885 years ago
So is the smoke powder mixture generating alot of smoke? I like pyrotechnins but I don't like to blow of my fingers... Does the Smoke pixture pose a risk of xploding? ANd does any stump remover work? Nice job by the way.
belphegore5 years ago
 Could you apply this to anything else, like a pipe, with some BP in it?  Also where would you get and charge a capacitor?  This is for purely scientific research of course!  >_>  I think I hear the feds coming BRB!
dla8885 years ago
I loved this I dreamed about making something like this as a kid, My dreams are coming true.
zajako7 years ago
Coulnt you just use a 9v battery on top of the timer instead of the "charged compasitor" thus avoiding the need for the compasitor charger? :P
No. The battery wouldn't have enough voltage. (330v as opposed to 9v)
Tetranitrate (author)  misanthrope137 years ago
Actually 9 volts is enough to ignite very fine steel wool, so to answer the original question yes you can use a 9 volt battery instead of a charged capacitor.
yeah but one why waste a battery, and two do you want a battery full of acid type liquids on a bomb? i woulden't.
i would
I would the point is an explosion after all;-)
Anyway - only car batteries and lead-acid batteries actually have acid in them... AAA, AA, 6v, 9v and most other batteries are all made of a black powder of some type - does anyone know the name of it? So, there isn't actually any liquid in batteries at all...
thepowder shold be in solid form, but it is carbon. the carbon should be in rods, but anyway.. I do not think you mean black powder as in the low explosive, because in that case you would be wrong, but I do not think that you meant that =)
just have wires that lead from the 9V to the egg timer and place the 9V like 3 feet away, thin speaker wire is flexible enough to move with the timer.
Well if you were trying to blow someone up, why would acid type liquids matter?
ya, i was at a party and i showed the guests how to make an easy campfire with steel wool and a 9 volt battery
you show survival techniques at your parties?
Ok. Shutting up.
unless you charge the cap off 330v, you wont get 330 volts. it charges to what ever voltage you apply, but, you might get a lot more current as the cap will discarge quite quickly. All the charge you put in over a few seconds will be released in a lot less time.
winman20006 years ago
Does anyone know if TrueValue stocks stump remover? If so, what brand do you recommend of the brands they stock?
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