Jon Boat to Bass Boat Mod





Introduction: Jon Boat to Bass Boat Mod

This instructible will get you out on the water to fish without pulling too much cash out of your pocket. Not only will it be an affordable way but the results are very satisfying

Step 1: Get a Cheap Alluminum Boat

The boat can be either a "v" bottom hull or a flat bottom boat. With this kind of modification the flat bottom boat will end up being less stable. Alluminum is normally the best route because it doesn't rust and takes a very long time to corrode. This boat that I flipped is from the late 60's and was sitting in a guys woods for several years filled with water.

Step 2: Disassembling the Boat

If the current owners of your boat didn't spend the extra $$$ to install stainless steel bolts then they are more than likely rusted away. If the rust is excessive then the best way to remove the bolt is to tighten the nut until the bolt snaps. Note: keep all of the bolts and wood that is taken off the boat so you know what sizes you need when you replace it

Step 3: Sanding the Boat

Using 180 grit sandpaper sand both the outside and inside if the boat. It is a long process to do it by hand but the finished product is much nicer since you are able to sand into all of the nooks and crannies. You don't have to sand all of the paint off though, just remove any loose paint that would interfere with the upcoming paint job and scratch the paint so new paint will stick. Make sure you remove all of the dust from sanding from the boat before painting with a vacuum or air compressor.

Step 4: Painting

Before painting the boat make sure any dirt and dust is wiped off of it so the paint will stick nicely. I used a black epoxy for the outside of the boat so it would seal up any leaks if there are any in it. Put on one coat, wait 15-20 min, then spray on a second coat. If you are only painting it one color you can let it dry and then paint the inside. I chose to paint a blue stripe on it since it matched the swivel seat I had. If you choose to do this use steel wool where you want to paint so it will stick. Tape off where you don't want overspray. After the second coat of blue dries I painted 2 more coats of clear coat
to give it a glossy look. I also painted the inside with a grey epoxy to finish "sealing" the boat

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Once you have your boat painted you can deck it out with whatever you like. I went with 2 swivel seats so it would be comfortable and bought a 75lb trust trolling motor along with a 5.5 hp johnson outboard motor. I found a cheap trailer in Craigslist and am installing compartments under the benches soon so I can store stuff. I will post pics once I finish.

This is my first instructible so please let me know how I did
Thanks, Justin

Step 6: A Few More Add Ons

We put treated marine wood on the benches so it would be easier to bolt the swivel seats down and gave them a nice stain. The back seat was too far back and the motor couldn't turn so I cut a rounded shape that hung off of the bench with a table saw. I cut and painted a 2x4 to support my weight when sitting in it. Once you are all done you can take it put and enjoy what you have worked hard on



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    Hey bud...great job..and for you and being in high school and on a very limited budget. got yourself a great bass boat THAT WORKS FOR YOU. ..When I was younger...which was a long time ago. .all I had was a 17 ft flat bottom canoe with a 24 lb electric motor mounted on the side....and that was My bass boat...don't be intimidated by yahoo's case they have a REAL BASS BOAT..I went places with the canoe on my toyota 4x4 that those guys would droll over...proud of you and so should you..if you lived around me *NEPA* We'll teach these real bass boats guys that no matter what float you on doesn't help you catch more's just that they feel *HEY LOOK AT ME* good luck..stay safe and have fun

    I just searched in craigslist. There's normally some good deals but make sure you find the right size, also know what size ball hitch it is before you go pick it up. If you aren't taking your boat very far then you could make one for very cheap if you have the tools

    This is pretty cool, I have the exact same boat except it don't look near as nice. lol. Mine was given to me so I have no trailer, any idea where you could find one?

    Calm down georion, I just wanted to show some people what I did and what I would use as a bass boat. You might consider other things as bass boats but I can't afford that since I'm still in highschool. For my age I thought it turned out pretty nice and would work well for fishing. If you don't like it then stop commenting and this was my first and probably last instructable

    I hate to ask, but isn't a jon boat usually square fronted?

    And don't bass boats usually have big flat decks and bow trolling motors?


    1 reply

    where s the "JON boat to BASS boat instructable ????/


    4 years ago

    Looking for a 2HP engine for my Walker Bay. Anyone got one?

    That would be a flat bottom Jon boat. They are the ones that have square fronts but some people call regular alluminum boats (despite the shape) Jon boats. We are putting in the front deck right now and I will post more pics when we are finished. I am also trading for a bow mount trolling motor for a guy that wants my 75lb thrust trolling motor

    wouldn't call it a bass boat. but turned out nice. Look at my instructable for converting aluminum boat to bass boat!