Grid Size: 70W x 70H
Design Area: 3,57" x 2,64" (50 x 37 stitches)
Fits in a 5 inch hoop.
8 colors

You can find more of my patterns at http://www.pixelpowerdesign.com. They are awesome:-)
<p>I made this last summer, thank you so much for the pattern! I made a few changes, the most obvious of which is the embroidery fabric I used was 28 squares per inch (I think?), because apparently I hate myself and thought that trying to see tiny black and dark blue stitches against a khaki background would be fun or something? I don't know, but I love how it turned out! I also added the words "You know nothing, Jon Snow." along the bottom of the image and added my initials and the date along the side in unobtrusive gray.</p><p>Anyways, thanks for posting your patterns, I love them!</p>
love how cute this looks, was looking at all your designs on here and I think they are great, just need to learn to cross stitch now, :)

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