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Introduction: JonnyBGood's Knex Nerf Gun Attempt Model III and Model V

About: Hello. I'm JonnyBGood! I'm a college student who now has a degree in Mechanical Engineer Technology. (MET) (excessively worded to mean a person who builds stuff).I enjoy building K'nex guns and many other th...

(Model III pictures shown in intro)
Hey fellow iblers'! Today i decided to post the only remaining pictures of project Nerfrocketeer. This is a semi auto nerf gun completely built out of knex. It featured a magazine lock that worked with any standered nerf magazine and a single motor as a power source. Unfortunately like most semi autos range is a problem, which was also a problem in my first two prototypes. This model had a maximum range of a pathetic 1 to 2 feet. I figured with a little advice from Nerfocketeer, an experienced ibler' in anything that shoots foam, can't hurt so he hped me brainstorm what i could do to increase the range on the gun. The only thing I could figure out is more speed=more range. And with more speed=more gears. I could get that, but that also increased friction and the amount of torque I will need to get the wheels spinning. My largest prototype II was used many more gears and required three engines to spin the wheels just to get 3 feet of range. A foot of that range was before it left the gun so really only 2 feet of range.

Model V (two wheel model)
Well Nerfrocketeer's idea to use tape on the wheels to increase the contact area on the nerf dart spawned a whole new brainstorm. Nerf gun Model V has larger wheel on it, a tad more gears (2 to be exact) and now a slightly less pathetic range of 5 feet. I was the most happy with this model so far because the nerf darts acctually appear to be launched instead of dropping out of the gun . I enjoyed what I built for the project, but I'm not quite happy with the complete picture of it. Not only does it not look good (more like a cardboard box with a handle and trigger) the range just isn't, well.... threatening.  The only option I see now is more speed and I'm not quite sure how I would execute this, but I'll see what I can do maybe sometime in the future. To be perfectly honest this project and concept is very fun to work on and there's a heck of a lot of potential in this system so feel free to give it a try or suggest things. I'm planning for my next attempt to use a more powerful motor so I won' t have to use so many gears and maybe it'll bring a bit thinner.
Anyway please try or suggest things for this concept. If I like your idea I may dust off the old idea myself to give it a try.
Thanks for reading!



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    There is a a video of Model III on youtube if you want a good laugh. I never got around to making a video of model V though.

    2 replies

    Hey, nice! I wondered when you would post this. Too bad it didn't do everything you wanted. :( Thanks for the mention! Hopefully project (Insert Name Here) works better!

    2 replies

    Oh that project will deffinitly work better. Again to be perfectly honest this system is works well it just doesen't have the range to compete with a real nerf gun. I have a more powerful motor but to put it in the gun would require me to change the entire thing. So I kind of lost intrest in the fact of having to undo three weeks of work for one possible solution.

    I'll deffinitly try this again when I am inspired to do so.

    I wondered when somebody would try this concept, I always have wanted to "make" my own nerf gun. Sorry I t didn't work out but, nice attempt.

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    Thanks! I always wanted to make my own nerf gun as well. I did make one as you see here but it just can't compete with an actual nerf gun's range.

    I'm suprised it doesen't say when I started this ible'! Well just so you know I think me and nerfrock started this around summer last year? Not sure but this thing is far from new.