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here is my second worshop more for the bigger things needed to be made

soon there will be an addition of a shopbot prs alpha 96

if you like it let me know or if u want mor info




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    wow that is a nice workshop what is upstairs

    in the pictures every one past the staircase is whats up there. like the pool table and the trains and stereo

    nice where the pool table from

    its from the pool(swimming pool) store down the street

    ok thanks sorry about the improper gramer i was wearing gloves at the time

    No bench grinder huh? You really should think about covering your lathe up while you're using it as one. Or is it already shot? Where'd you score all of that great old rust you have? I've a few pieces in my collection I've acquired in my travels.

    thats just how we got the lathe and we have a bench grinder i guess i forgot a picture of it soory

    Cool where'd you pick that machine up?

    which one the lathe we got it form a friend after he passed

    You've good and smart friends. They know when to loan out tools!