Heres my workshop for the show your space contest it may be messy but I know where everything is

I'm sorry if you can't read the notes try using firefox it works well
Schmidty163 years ago
man i wish i had as much stuff as u
pretty good, did you make that 14v power supply on the pegboard? I need a power supply to run battery tools as well as a few electronics boards, with a variety of taps - 3v, 5v, 6v, 9v, 12v, 14.5v, 18v, 24v, 36v and maybe a few higher voltage taps.
No the little black box in picture 4 is the supply. I just added regulators and switches and outlets too it.
andy707074 years ago
Looks nice, a bit like mine. Is that soldering iron on the wall an induction iron?
hightekrednek2396 (author)  andy707074 years ago
Thanks I believe so its from radioshack for $8.00 but then i upgraded to a weller wsd51 i bought off ebay.
Nice, I got a similar one off eBay, it has a LCD display and temperature control from 50 degrees to 450, and it's got different tips so you can cut plastic and shrink heatshrink too.
hightekrednek2396 (author)  andy707074 years ago
cool mine goes from 350 to 850 f its the digital so it tells me what the temp is and i use my radioshack one for cutting plastic and making holes then i have a lighter for heatshrink
tinker2344 years ago
nice mesy it is ok if you can find it my workshop i lose parts even clean i lost my speakers once couldnt listen to music drove me crazy found them keep it cleanish tinker
hightekrednek2396 (author)  tinker2344 years ago
thanks its usualy messy but i can almost always find what im looking for if i cant them i beliave it because i dont need it to begin with.
oh yeah mine isnt spotless clean ethier
TSC4 years ago
Pretty cool!!!!
hightekrednek2396 (author)  TSC4 years ago
thanks ill try to add notes
Good! Your welcome!