These are directions for making a very easy and inexpensive journal.  The following steps will produce a book slightly smaller than 7"X10" with 20 pages. All steps can be adjusted to make a variety of sizes 

Step 1: Supplies

The supplies are very basic

*cardboard 2 pieces 6.5 X 9.5
several sheets of paper for the pages, I used white 9X12
*duct tape
assorted papers for book cover and inside cover lining
exacto  or scissor
thin ribbon
lg. eye needle
glue stick
large clips
block of wood

<p>I made it and its so cute!</p>
This would be great for a smash book
Have fun!!!!
<p>I am going to be attempting this craft for my wedding and I am curious if there is any meaning behind the &quot;*&quot; on the cardboard and duct tape? I have browsed the entire how to numerous times and I can't seem to find where this is referenced. I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything!</p><p>Thanks for sharing this... It is exactly what I was looking for!</p>
<p>Hi BrookM1,</p><p>Sorry I didn't get back toy sooner for some reason I was just aware today that you made this comment! </p><p>&quot;*&quot; means nothing in the instructions. I just put it near the Cardboard and duct tape in the supply list because that is how i described the journal.</p><p>Good luck and have fun!</p>
I'm sending this link to JACK!
P.S. You MADE that paper, didn't you???
Nice, I love the paper that you used.

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