Picture of Journey Remembrance Map
Old Map_0003.JPG
Make an old looking map that takes a hiking trip and turns it into memories.

I originally thought of this as a non- traditional Valentine’s day gift to give.  I like to hike and I think a hike makes a very nice date. What a better way to remember a nice time out together then to make an actual map of it. Since I’ve finished one of these I’ve decided that it would also work great for a family outing, especially designed as a treasure map for kids to follow.

Large sheet of paper – I used 11X17 also known as Ledger size
Tea Bags
Coffee – instant is fine
2 sheets of aluminum foil larger than the paper size
Yellow, red, green food coloring
2 sizes calligraphy pens with inks
4H or harder pencil
Soft hardness pencil
Gum style and/or white drawing eraser
Map image of your hiking trails – digital
Rubber stamp with inkpad

Iron (clothes)
Large metal ruler
Fire – I used a blow torch but a candle or match should suffice

Print off your map

There are several ways to get a map of your trails. The easiest is to take the paper map that’s often provided by the park service. Government run parks almost always have printable maps listed on their websites.  Another possible way is to use GPS to track your trip. I don’t have GPS so I’ll leave those steps for someone else to Instructible on.
You will want a printed map that is at least the size of a standard letter size paper. I am an American so our standard letter paper size is 8.5 X 11 inches (The American system of defining paper weights and sizes is the single most ridiculous measurement systems we have, and that’s saying a lot). If you can print it out the size of your desired finished size it may make the steps easier.
We will proceed as if we have to increase the size and scale of the map.