Introduction: Joz Mint Mojito Iced Coffee

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A Bay Area coffee house Philz does a version of this Mint Mojito Iced Coffee and this is my copycat.

Makes 1 cup, double or triple or quadruple as needed

Step 1: Ingredients

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¾ cup water
¼ cup coffee grounds (adjust according to the intensity level of your coffee - I prefer a milder, smoother roast, hence more grounds)
1 handful of mint (about 8 to 10 leaves)
1 tablespoon raw sugar (turbinado sugar)
1 tablespoon heavy cream (more or less as desired)

cup of ice
sprig of mint for garnish

Step 2: Method

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Brew ¾ cup of coffee using ¼ cup of grounds using your preferred method - hand brewed, coffee maker, french press.

While coffee is brewing, take handful of mint and raw sugar and using the back of a spoon or a muddler (from your cocktail set) muddle the mint with the sugar so that the mint is bruised and the oils are released.  You will smell the mint more intensely.

Once coffee is brewed and hot, pour over mint and sugar mixture.  Stir and mix well so that the sugar is dissolved.  Pour coffee over ice and add heavy cream.  Stir.  Garnish with mint sprig.

Drink.  Repeat as necessary.


threexstan (author)2014-08-29

One recommendation - add the ice after the heavy cream. Heavy cream and cold coffee don't mix nearly as well.

Source - Philz Barista

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