This is a simple water level meter consists from :
8 BC337 transistors.
8 3k3 ohm resistor.
8 220 ohm resistor.
Hard disk bus cable as a sensor (See the pictures).
1 jug
2*1.5 volt .
Battery holder.

Very clever :)
Hi Abdulla <br> <br>I use IDE cable ,you can get it from any old broken PC. <br> <br>Best Regard <br>Husham <br>
hi Mr. Husham can you provide me the type of the cable sensor that you used for this project? <br> <br>please and thank you <br>Abdulla
Very good. Simple and inexpensive to make. I did one like that. Mine is to measure the level of my water tank. <br>See it here: <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Water-tanks-level-visualization/
Thanks man ,your project also looks so cool and very nice tutorial.

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