Picture of Amphibious Bottle
The Amphibious Bottle rolls by rubber band power over water, tub, pool, puddles, lakes.

Just roll it away on the ground like a bowling ball to wind it up.

Step 1: Make first hole

Picture of Make first hole
Use a 2 quart round plastic bottle.

Big 2 quart round Gatorade bottles work great.

Drill a hole in the center of the bottom of the bottle.

Any size drill you have handy from 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch is fine.

You can even use a soldering iron to melt a hole in the bottle.

Wear safety goggles.

Work on a proper workbench, not your kitchen counter like I did.
this is an awesome Instructables its a clean design fun to play with and is do able
iectyx3c (author)  bionicleboy3656 years ago
Thanks it should be easy to improve on this simple design. Maybe paddles hot glued onto the sides?
hey that would be cool
what if you got a huge container and used lots of bungee cords and a seat and had a person act as a weight. now that would be cool.
thx for voting!...btw this is a cool idea
iectyx3c (author)  Powerpointed6 years ago
Loved yer Toothpaste squeezer and hope it wins a prize!
THx i did win
Speedmite6 years ago
I thught these were called come-back- cans? I made one in science a while ago.
iectyx3c (author)  Speedmite6 years ago
You are right, comeback cans are a great science toy. This one uses a recycled plastic bottle so you can use it in the water too.
daninja6 years ago
i made one of these out of a cofee can. probably not as good as this one though.
iectyx3c (author)  daninja6 years ago
Your coffee can toy is probably BETTER than mine for hallways and floors. But this works great in pools, tubs and puddles :)
roofm6 years ago
What does this actually do? Does it roll or something?
iectyx3c (author)  roofm6 years ago
It sure does - It is an amphibious vehicle - it drives in dirt, over water. It is super easy to build (and mod) with stuff you probably have around.
DuFFxP936 years ago
I'm gona have loads of fun with this thing! :) Thanks