Picture of Juggling Clubs

Juggling is challenging and fun. This colorful set of juggling clubs was modeled after a set of professional Dube clubs and behaves pretty much the same as they do. They are made differently, however. Instead of using molded bodies, these are built up by stacking rings of different sizes cut from multi-colored rubber floor mat material onto a central piece of 1/2" diameter PVC pipe. The rings are glued in place with hot melt glue.

The handles are covered with layers of purple knitting yarn and clear silicone rubber. A final coat of silicone and glitter give them some sparkle.

Step 1: Rings of Rubber Floor Mat material

Picture of Rings of Rubber Floor Mat material

The rubber floor mat material is tough, durable, and light-weight. It can be cut with scissors. For cutting round circular holes I sharpen the end of pieces of metal pipe. By twisting and pushing, they easily cut neat circles out of the floor mat material.

The foam material absorbs shock when the clubs fall.

After sliding the rings onto the 1/2" PVC central pipe, I glue them in place with hot melt glue.

seamster1 year ago

Nice simple construction. Great project!