Step 8: Getting it to work

Picture of Getting it to work
So you've got a cool juice box with a hole and some film. Who cares?

All that form is of no use without function, so let's get to that.

The light goes through the pinhole and exposes the film. So in order to keep the pinhole from constantly inundating the film with light, we need a shutter. The easiest way to do this is another piece of handy-dandy electrical tape. Slap a piece of the tape over the hole and pull it open to expose the film.

In order to advance the film, you'll need a car key or another type of key. Put the key in the EMPTY SPOOL'S reel and turn COUNTER-CLOCKWISE to properly advance the film.
I am with him, how many tomes do we spin it? some one said 2.5 full rotations. what did you use?
oatmealfight (author)  jakestah16016 years ago
It's a shot in the dark. The design on which I based this off of used a piece of plastic binding comb (you know, like the plastic binding used to keep together reports or whatever) to rub against the rebate (the perforated edge on 35mm film). The idea is that this clicking gives you some sort of reference of how far you've advanced the film.
X amount of clicks while winding= an exposure? Go for it. I've never done this but it sounds pretty effective.
-_-7 years ago
how many times should i turn the key for each new exposure?