Tired of wasps invading your garden space? Of course you are! This instructable will show you how to make a trap that will catch loads (if not all!) of the wasps flying around your garden within a few hours.

My reasoning behind this project is as follows:
I was surfing the web for wasp solutions, and I found out that a company was selling wasp traps...
I found this ridiculous! I was set on making my own wasp trap ASAP!

Check out the other trap here!: https://www.instructables.com/id/Cider-Can-Wasp-Trap/

Step 1: Preparations

Any juice (or milk) carton with a lid should work for this instructable. What you will need:
A sweet liquid
Tape (optional)

Make sure NOT to wash the carton before use, because the orange bits help to attract wasps.
<p>I'm gonna try this thank you!</p>
Wasps are a beneficial garden insect. They paper wasps collect the caterpillars which can decimate your lawn, trees, and vegetables. The mud daubers collect black widow spiders. If you can stop yourself from waving your arms around when a wasp flies by, they will learn in about 3 seconds to leave you alone.
<p>if you child got stung, and they died because they were allergic, I'll bet you'd have a different perspective on wasps.</p>
<p>Let me explain to you why someone, like me, wants to kill wasps. I don't care about making them extinct but because I am extremely allergic to their bit, to the point that it could kill me, I want to get rid of the extreme infestation that I have around my deck, all around my house and around the shop and barn where I work. I'll bet you havn't thought about that, duh!</p>
I don't understand why you would want to kill the wasps? Wasps are very beneficial to gardens and gardeners, especially organic gardens. Try to accept them as part of the outdoors and be aware of the fact that they have their functions in our shared environment. Now that bees are dying all across America, be thankful you have pollinators like wasps. One day, they may be all we have.
This is a great idea! Think I'll try pouring some sugary juice in through the spout instead of opening the top. Thanks very much!!
Of course you can do that too, but I didn't have a funnel handy... And it is very difficult to jam in without a funnel!
Haha - yes, I always have a funnel handy. It's tape I have trouble finding :)
I tried some other wasp traps on here with no success so far. I will give this one a shot. Thanks for the post. Out of curiosity, what kind of wasps did you have? The ones bugging me are run of the mill paper wasps.
You should definitely try it... This trap is for &quot;non-carnivorous&quot; wasps, and I'm nearly sure this should work for the paper wasp! <br>I have another wasp trap to upload, which you should check out too!

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