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Introduction: Juice Box Magazine Holder

Here in the UK they haven't figured out how to recycle juice boxes yet (something to do with the multiple layers of foil, film and plastic) but they are just too neat to throw away. I am also a hoarder of magazines but they just won't stay upright on the shelf.
Using a couple of empty juice boxes, a pair of scissors and a stapler you can fashion a simple holder for any size magazine. I'm going to demonstrate with my back issues of Make: magazine.

Step 1: Cut Open Your Boxes

Hopefully you have rinsed out your juice boxes. Don't wait until the juice dries onto the sides of the box - rinse as soon as you finish the juice and definately don't let a small amount of juice ferment in the bottom and grow into a juice slime mould creature.
Start by cutting the wings off the top then cut the whole top off.
Next cut down one side (the narrow side) of each box but don't cut it off at the bottom.

Step 2: Start to Size Your Holder

Insert the magazines that you are trying to create the holder for into the upright box to guage the size of the tongue that needs to be cut off.

Step 3: Add the Front

First fold the tongue of the base box over its bottom. It will have a tendancy to fold skew so you have to be careful to make sure it is neat.
Then slip the base into the upright and push it back until it is snug with the front of the magazines.
Take one or two of the magazines out so that you can slip the stapler into the side and snap the first holding staple in. Repeat at the other side.
Staple the folded over tongue of the base to the sticking out tongue of the upright with a couple of staples.

Step 4: Finished!

Pack as many magazines as will fit into the width of the juice box. This doesn't always correspond to a sensible number (e.g for Make: it is 6 mags which is a year and a half.) Sometimes it is easier to slip the last magazine in to the holder between the two at the end and then re-order (e.g ifor Make: slip number 6 in between four and five then pull out number five and slide it in between four and six. This is because trying to slip the last one in can catch on the sides.

This is my first instructable - go easy on me :)



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wow very helpful! i use it all the time

Great tutorial. Although I skipped the need to store Make Magazine and ordered the Digital Edition Only - 4 Volumes US: $9.99 a year instead of $35 a year for both the Print and Digital Editions. I do get other magazine subscriptions that need to be stored though, so this will come in handy.

Thanks, Glad you like it! Keep drinking the juice. Paul

This is good. :) I do this with cereal boxes here, though I'm guessing the juice boxes would be more sturdy since they make cereal boxes out of flimsy material here. :/

Thanks. They are quite sturdy - I use them for lots of things - cut down they make handy drawer separators if you pack enough of them side by side (also stapled together) and, in my workshop, I staple them to the bottom of shelves and they can carry pencils and brushes etc. Here it is also useful to staple them together and to a strip of card across their bottoms too to stop individual ones from sagging into a "V" shape.

Your tutorial is a bit better than the old cereal box method too, because the juice boxes adjust to whatever size magazine you have. :)