Juice Can Candle Holder





Introduction: Juice Can Candle Holder

I already made ash tray with beer can but this time, I wanted to make something for non-smokers and also for this Christmas season. I actually imaged chrismas ornament to make this. Eventhough This candle holder needs little more time and skills than ash tray, it will be nice home decoration and also hearty small gift.

Step 1: All You Need

•Tall pop can(any kind of cans are good)
•Can opener
•Your hands

I choose Dr. Pepper big size can because of the red color to make it look like a Christmas ornament. Some kinds of green can will also be nice too.

Step 2: Cut Off the Top Part

Make a hole with can opener, and switch to Seissors.

From here, BE CAREFUL NOT TO CUT YOURSELF with can's edge.

Step 3: Make Guidelines

By folding can's edge 4 times, make 8 guidelines for next step.

Step 4: Start Cutting

Using the guidelines you already made, cut from top to the very bottom.

You are going to have 8 strips.

Step 5: Cut All the 8 Strips in Half

You are going to have 16 strips here.

Step 6: Cut All The16 Strips in Half

You are going to have 32 strips by this time.

Step 7: One More Round!

Cut all the 32 strips in half . This takes some time and each strip gets very thin so don't be hurry and finish this step carefully.

You finally have 64 strips.

Step 8: Cut 12 Strips Off.

This parts gonna be a window for candles.
And don't throw away those 12 strips. You're going to use them later.

Not important
This part looks exactly like my hair style..

Step 9: Fold the Rest Strips Down

Like in these picture.

Step 10: Fold Short 12 Srips to Apposite Side

It's gonna be like this picture.

Step 11: Tie 52 Strips

With one individual strip out of 12.
Insert the edge of the strip into the batch so that it won't get loose.

Step 12: Attach 10 Strips to 1.

Take 3 or 4 strips together and attach to the last strip(base strip) like in these picture.

Step 13: Attach 11 Strips on Top

Just like you did on step11, insert the edge of the base strip to stop getting loose.

Step 14: Fold Some Sticking Out Strips

to make the top part stable.

Step 15: Roll 10 Strips and Finish!

Step 16: Put a Candle Inside and Try Out.

I found it creates very beautiful shade:-)
Since I don't use any burnable material, you can use this candle holder safely. However, please read important caution below before start using this candle holder.

•Do not use any kind of glue to make this candle holder they might get burnt and might cause some trouble.
•Please use only small tea light candles.
•Please make sure there aren't any burnable thing near around the candle holder.
•Do not touch top part while its burning coz it gets very hot.
•Please always hold bottom part or blow candle before you move.

Thank you for reading my Instructable till the end.
Merry Cristmas!!!



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    So pretty! This is very well done, thank you!

    This is beautiful, but how did you make this without cutting your fingers to shreds?

    Thank you for the comment chabias. As I wrote several times in my instructables, you have to be really careful...lol But, If you still scared of cutting your fingers, I think you can use thin rubber gloves when you make this. That'll be safer:)

    It look really cool, it doesn't seems a can at all!

    Thank you so much. I'm so glad to hear that! And sorry for the late reply^_^;

    Cool idea and looks good! The instructible though confusing/unclear in many parts (mostly the ones where you just slapped down a short, compact phrase).

    I'm still learning English so sometimes it's a little bit hard for me to pick right expressions. But, slapped down sounds very good word for me to use from now.
    Thank you very much for your helpful advise:D

    Many years ago they used to do this with plastic bleach bottles to make baskets & other decorations. Way to recycle both the can & the idea ... COOL!!!