Juicing without a Juicer

Picture of Juicing without a Juicer
A simple way to make juice without using an expensive juicer.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Gather the following supplies:

-Nut milk bag
-A bowl or Tupperware container
-Item to be juiced (ex: carrots, apples, etc.)

Step 2: Prepare produce

Picture of Prepare produce
Clean and slice produce into small pieces that will fit in a blender.

Step 3: Blend produce

Picture of Blend produce
Blend the produce until it is pureed.

*Note: Be sure to follow the manufacturer's guidelines when operating the blender.

Step 4: Pour the pulp

Picture of Pour the pulp
Place the nut milk bag in a bowl to avoid spilling, and pour the pulp into the bag.

Step 5: Strain

Picture of Strain
Grab the bag and squeeze the pulp, straining the juice into the bowl.

Step 6: Pour juice into a glass and enjoy!

Picture of Pour juice into a glass and enjoy!
You may now enjoy the fruits of your labor.
SABBaS6 years ago
nice, but just one question: whats a nut milk bag? thanks!!
PKM SABBaS6 years ago
Seconded- what is nut milk, for that matter? If you used carrots would you be enjoying the vegetables of your labour?
romanyrebel PKM4 years ago
you blend nuts of choice with water, vary amount of water to taste and consistency, a little gives nutcream, more gives nut milk. also can use apple juice etc in place of water. use cream in place of cows milk cream, blend with a capsicum to cream cosistency and use on pizza in place od cheese. yummy
allen PKM6 years ago
Nuts and water in a blender then strain through a nut milk bag. If the bags were a more reasonably priced I might give it a try but at $25 for four, forget about it.
fireguard allen6 years ago
I looked on ebay, and you can get 5 for 13.40... better deal than the other, eh? At least this way's not triple figure like the info-mercials!
canida allen6 years ago
Looks like a couple of layers of cheesecloth or a cotton pillowcase/kitchen towel will do just as well.
tons on ebay, just google nut milk bag
...I did... Tip: Turn ON Safe-search...
allen SABBaS6 years ago
Looks like just a fine-mesh nylon bag. I found them over at for an insane $25 for four of them. It appears they're also available in cotton if, I suppose, you don't like synthetic fibers. Seems like a good candidate for an instructable if you can find the material.
You can also find mesh bags at the dollar store
Not this fine. The mesh looked to be more like heavy weight panty hose material. Unless there's a different kind of mesh bags at your dollar store the mesh bags I've seen are more like netting, not filter material.
GreenMagGuy4 years ago
What a great idea! I had no idea that you could make juice that way! Also, check out and check out their nut bags for sale.
fragmaster45 years ago
I think he means Cheese cloth (Used in making cheese) xD
purplekitty6 years ago
which blender is this, i want to buy one.
This is the magic-bullet blender. They retail for about $59.99 at Walmart and feature a 12A motor. The selling-point for them is that the blender blade is actually the cap of a small reusable cup, and you get several cups instead of the traditional top-loading blender where you get one pitcher with the blade at the bottom. This means that when you are done blending, 1)the blade is actually removed from the food receptacle, and 2) it, is now a the top of the container, allowing for easy removal of obstruction or the like without having to dump out the contents first. There is also a battery-powered Bullet blender for when the occasion calls for it. It is not nearly as powerful, but good enough for smoothies at the food court, etc.
foobear6 years ago
What is a nut milk bag? I didn't know you could milk a nut
I have no idea either. I have heard the term, but it's kinda "porn-ish".
icebird6 years ago
My blender is nice, but it won't pulp things like this without adding a significant amount of liquid. It just kicks them around inside the jar, cutting some, but mostly getting things stuck where the blades can't get to it. Am I doing something wrong or do I need a new blender?
I think that the real problem is that you have too much space in your blender. As you see the blender in the ibble is a magic bullet and he fills it all the way with the charots so there is p way for them to get stuck above the blades so you could add more veggies/fruit or make some kind of press like a round pice of wood that fits cleanly into the blender so you could push the contents down to the blade.
correction: not a magic bullet but a smaller blender with less space.
mix them with your favorite fruit juice when blending and then you will have nice juice and it will be well blended. i like cranberry with carrot juice
New Blender. Get one that has a "Liquefy" button on it.
dung0beetle6 years ago
i make juice using the Liquify button in Photoshop. Tastes kinda funny tho.
bowmaster6 years ago
frollard6 years ago
I'm really tempted to make a press to remove the juice...a pneumatic one like they use for crushing grapes en masse to make wine or apple juice. Great writeup!
very nice! I used to make apple cider like this. do you think instead of a nut milk bag, I could use a cheesecloth?
swordwield (author)  mynameisjonas6 years ago
Although I haven't tried it with cheesecloth, I'm sure it would work as well. The important part of this is to strain the pulp without getting the pulp in the juice.
Sandisk1duo6 years ago
cool! i'll have to try this!
taka216 years ago
Thats quite useful.. good creativity.
omnibot6 years ago
Hmm .. good use of a blender.