Juicy Cherry Red Felted Bag





Introduction: Juicy Cherry Red Felted Bag

My first try at felting(on purpose!)
I crocheted the bag at a fairly loose tension, then put it in a mesh bag in the washing machine on HOT water, cold rinse .I did use laundry detergent and added a pair of old jeans for balance.
Then, when satisfied with the appearance of the felt, I let it air dry flat, found some fabric my my stash, and cut out a lining about one inch bigger than the bag. Also, I added a fabric covered rectangle at the bottom of the bag.

To finish it off, I crocheted, but didn't felt the floweres for around the edge. Those were stitched on BEFORE the lining was added.It may sound like a lot of work, but it as really easy and it went quickly because of the larger sized hook. I used some Lopi wool that I already had, and bits and pieces of leftovers for the flowers. Any basic bag pattern will work. It definitely gets attention!



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I started a bag to felt, BUT it takes so much yarn!! What pattern did you use? thanks

is the pattern available. i would love to have it. you did a great job!

Thanks! I know the pattern was from a felted crochet hardcover book in my collection. i will look to find the book title. You then can buy the book or maybe if you're really lucky the library has it. I would love to share it, but you know the copyright laws! Really, it's just a basic tube ,crocheted in the round on a large hook with lopi wool(its what I had!) then crochet a base in an oval shape for the bottom, and two tubular straps for handles. Wash it in HOT water and soap with an old pair of jeans, Then crochet flowers of yoiur choice. I'll get back to you with title!

thank you for the tips. i love the colors, so i'm going to use those for inspiration and go experiment!

I love the way you said "felting on purpose". I know the feeling! This is a really lovely purse.

Thanks so much-If only I knew how popular felting would become, I would have saved those teeny tiny sweaters!

Really cool job. All your stuff is awesome, and I like this one a lot too, it's nice. +1 rating.