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Being a working young adult, I often work late at night and don't have much time or energy after a long day's work to whip together a big meal, and so I know that the first time I ever cook lamb, it can't take too long or I would be too hungry!

Here's my recipe detailing the steps and recipe for my first time cooking lambchops ever. I don't have a iron-cast skillet unfortunately, so I just used a basic frying pan.

What you will need:

Rosemary leaves
Sea salt
Black pepper
Cumin spice
Parsley Flakes
A carb side of your choice. (I made rice mixed with chipotle sauce)

Step 1: Prepping

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Take out the lambchops from the packaging and put it on a plate to begin seasoning it.

Step 2: Herbs

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Here's what I used to marinate my lambchops. Feel free to add a little more of whatever else spice you like to it

Step 3: Marinate the 'chops

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I marinated the lambchops with the spices used. I don't really follow a set measurement for spices and herbs as I usually eyeball it. After being used to cooking for so many years, I think it is a lot easier to do so (haha).

Let the lambchops sit like that for about 10 minutes while you begin warming up the frying pan.

Step 4: Let's Fry 'er Up

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I used butter instead of oil as I think butter adds the richness and gives it another dimension to the strong taste of the lamb.

I also chose to fry my lambchops because I like the heat to penetrate the meat evenly without drying it out.

Step 5: Let It Cook

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Leave the frying pan on medium for about 5-6 minutes before turning the lambchops over, continuously flipping it to cook every 2-4 minutes. I added a little more butter to the pan when it was starting to dry up.

Step 6: Lambchops Done

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And finally, lambchops was done for me after about 12-15 minutes of being on medium, continuously flipping it over on each side and reducing the heat down to low in the last 3-4 minutes.


SigneK (author)2015-12-20

Your chops are seasoned, not marinated. Searing them in a very hot dry cast iron skillet. Do not flip continuously. Dear odor maybe 3 minutes then flip and sear for another three minutes.

Degravitate (author)SigneK2015-12-21

Oh you're right! Thanks for correcting me on that, and thanks for the advice. It was my first time cooking that sort of meat, so that's good to know for future references :)

SigneK (author)2015-12-20

Sorry, couldn't see what I typed. Sear for 3 minutes

Michael Goodwin (author)2015-12-17

How do I pin these recipes

Hello, appreciate the love on this! I am not quite sure either as I am quite new to Instructables myself, but I believe if you "like / heart" it, it should be added to your likes collection and you can always come back to it :)

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