This is a work-in-progress.  The printer was originally delivered in plain clothes from MakerBot Industries.  Within a few months, the interior was littered with pieces of scrap, adhesive, grease and paint spills.   It looked like a set from Little Shop of Horrors.  

I've spent the better part of a year modifying my machine, giving it a definite 1800s science fiction look.  I've published my alterations on Thingiverse and would now like to share my journey here.

With a little persuasion from Amandaghassaei, I've re-worked the photo Instructable and turned it into a full-fledged step Step Instructable.

Rather than delete this one, I'll leave it as the "Cliff Notes" version for anyone who doesn't want to wade through the whole thing:)


cool project, are you considering putting this in step by step form at some point?
Thank you amandaghasaei. <br><br>I wasn't going to, since there isn't any &quot;instructing&quot; going on with it. It links to the instructables that make up the components in it.<br><br>The Jules Verne theme is what I wanted to show because of the Sci-Fi contest going on. Unfortunately, the contest directors didn't think it met the requirements so they rejected it.<br><br>Maybe, I should make it step-by-step and re-submit it.<br><br>Thanks for giving me the incentive to do it:)

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