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Introduction: Cabled Purse

I was shopping for a Christmas present for my very fashion-conscious sister-in-law when I saw a knitted purse in a high-end clothing store. Instead of paying the $150 for the purse, I decided to make it myself!

I took a picture of the purse and made up a pattern for it by combining and altering several cable patterns from Traditional Aran Knitting by Shelagh Hollingworth. I then sewed on leather handles and lined it with fabric so that it could function well as a purse. The purse was a success and saved me over $100, which is very nice considering I am a 19-year-old college student and saving money is important.

It was the first time I had made up a pattern and I learned many new techniques, such as how to knit bobbles. I used a now discontinued yarn, but comparable to Lion Brand's Wool Ease yarn on size 8 needles. I knitted the front and back panels identically, and I knitted a long garter stitch panel for the sides and bottom. I sewed them all together with a machine. For the side tabs, I knitted a single cable and attached by hand with buttons.

I added pictures of the purse that I drew my inspiration from. As you can see, the purse I made is not exactly the same (I learned after making it how I should have done it to make it identical), but I have grown to like my design well :)



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could I please get this pattern? that bag is amazing!

hi there, I'm really interested to try this out .. could you please email me the pattern at Thanks so much ♥

Please email pattern to

I love it!! Would you send me the pattern, please? My email

That is so beautiful!!
Would you send me your pattern and instructions? Thank You!!

I would love the pattern and instruction please?! My e-mail is
Thanks in advance, this is an amazing job! I give you props, I wouldn't have the patience.

You did an amazing job with this. I would love to give this pattern a shot; my mom loves purses and I bet she'd love this. My e-mail is tsukishine at

sorry forgot to add my email, it would be thank you so much, hope the gf likes it too .

heya, came accross this, and I was looking to knit a purse and wallet for my gf, trying to step it up for xmas, after the basic scarf. ;) I would love it if you could share this pattern, as it would be cool for me to try my best to recreate this wonderful bag. thks. x

Could I get the pattern for this? I absolutely love it. My email is: