I was shopping for a Christmas present for my very fashion-conscious sister-in-law when I saw a knitted purse in a high-end clothing store. Instead of paying the $150 for the purse, I decided to make it myself!

I took a picture of the purse and made up a pattern for it by combining and altering several cable patterns from Traditional Aran Knitting by Shelagh Hollingworth. I then sewed on leather handles and lined it with fabric so that it could function well as a purse. The purse was a success and saved me over $100, which is very nice considering I am a 19-year-old college student and saving money is important.

It was the first time I had made up a pattern and I learned many new techniques, such as how to knit bobbles. I used a now discontinued yarn, but comparable to Lion Brand's Wool Ease yarn on size 8 needles. I knitted the front and back panels identically, and I knitted a long garter stitch panel for the sides and bottom. I sewed them all together with a machine. For the side tabs, I knitted a single cable and attached by hand with buttons.

I added pictures of the purse that I drew my inspiration from. As you can see, the purse I made is not exactly the same (I learned after making it how I should have done it to make it identical), but I have grown to like my design well :)
could I please get this pattern? that bag is amazing! ronan17987@gmail.com
hi there, I'm really interested to try this out .. could you please email me the pattern at nooneymar@gmail.com? Thanks so much ♥
Please email pattern to Kparadise9@gmail.com
I love it!! Would you send me the pattern, please? My email tessa.felina@gmail.com
That is so beautiful!! <br>Would you send me your pattern and instructions? Thank You!! <br>Songbird4god05@gmail.com
I would love the pattern and instruction please?! My e-mail is ariellehume@yahoo.com <br>Thanks in advance, this is an amazing job! I give you props, I wouldn't have the patience.
You did an amazing job with this. I would love to give this pattern a shot; my mom loves purses and I bet she'd love this. My e-mail is tsukishine at gmail.com
sorry forgot to add my email, it would be same.doriebates@gmail.com thank you so much, hope the gf likes it too .
heya, came accross this, and I was looking to knit a purse and wallet for my gf, trying to step it up for xmas, after the basic scarf. ;) I would love it if you could share this pattern, as it would be cool for me to try my best to recreate this wonderful bag. thks. x
Could I get the pattern for this? I absolutely love it. My email is: screamolover6659@yahoo.com
Could I please get this pattern?<br>thefutureisbulletproof@gmail.com<br>Thanks in advance :)
Hi, that is the cutest purse I've ever seen! I'm just starting into knitting, and I would love to try to make one for myself - could you please email me the pattern you created? My email is ciara89@live.ie<br>Thanks for sharing such an adorable design, I'm looking forward to seeing what else you come up with!!<br>Ciara
Hi, I loved your purse! It's so beautiful. Could I get your pattern? Thank you in advance for sharing! <br>Isabel<br>Isanavland@gmail.com<br>:0)
Your purse it amazing! I would love to try the pattern, can you please send it to me at sux_lollipop@hotmail.com, thank you so much!
This is a gorgeous purse. I would LOVE the pattern. I just mastered cables and knitted a small cable purse but it doesn't compare to yours... Thanks for sharing your purse.
The pattern is in a word document, so if you give me your email address, I can email it to you.
anyway you could email me the pattern... aimeefrances@gmail.com.... thanks bunches
me too pretty please!!<br /> nerdette@gmail.com<br />
Hi! I would love to get the pattern too :) My email is marty11@walla.com thank you so much
Could I get the pattern for your cabled. purse. It is so nice. Thank you. My email address is actgwu@aol.com. Again, thank you.
JRC Your bag is breathtaking. You are so talented. I too would like to have your pattern for it. Please send it to rockymountbet@hotmail.com
JRC your work is awesome. I would like to receive your pattern and try to do something as beautiful as you did. Thank you. Lalita
Lalita, I would love to send you my pattern. If you just send me a message here on instructables with your email address, I can send it to you via email because it's in a word document.
So sorry, my e-mail is delacruzro16@yahoo.com
Have I missed something? Is this a galery only? I didn't know Instructables had a gallery. I've always thought that the site meant instructions had to be included in the post. Wondering...
I love it! may I please have the patterns? Mainguyen71608@gmail.com. Thank You.
This is a beautiful purse. Could you send me the pattern? Niccupp @ yahoo . com (remove spaces)
Like everyone who sees it I too think your purse is gorgeous and would love the pattern. Could you please sent it to me, my email is lunakitty6@yahoo.com. Thank you so much for being generous and giving your pattern out for us to enjoy.
this is the nicest knit purse i have ever seen can you email the pattern to melmc30@gmail.com ?
I love the pattern, if it is still available, please email to robicars@yahoo.com. This will make a great gift for my daughter this Xmas. <br> <br>Thanks a bunch for posting it.
absolutely beautiful. could you send me the pattern would love to make it diana_smith87@yahoo.com thanks in advance diana
Absolutely love it! I'd love the pattern please! lkline08@hotmail.com Thank you so much!
Looks great! I'd love to have a copy of the pattern if possible please........... corbysusan@yahoo.com.au
That is gorgeous! Good work on formulating a pattern. If you still have it, could you email a copy to distressedcarrot@yahoo.com?<br /> Thank you!<br /> <br />
I would love this pattern too.&nbsp; Please can you send it to <a href="mailto:lynne_johnson@fwuk.fwc.com" rel="nofollow">lynne_johnson@fwuk.fwc.com</a>.&nbsp; Thank you very much.
i would love to ask for this pattern.&nbsp; its so clever.&nbsp; <a href="mailto:fluffybritches@googlemail.com" rel="nofollow">fluffybritches@googlemail.com</a>.&nbsp; thank you so much
i liked this idea too, but like others thought it could be adapted and would welcome a copy of your pattern if it is still available.&nbsp; its a great idea, thank you
<p>Wow I love this purse!!! I am new here this is the first project I have come across that I absolutly love!!! Could you please e-mail me the pattern. <a href="mailto:uniquebabydiva@hotmail.com" rel="nofollow">uniquebabydiva@hotmail.com</a>. Thanks So Much!!!!!! You did an awsome job I love yours better the the one that was 150.00&nbsp;lol!!!</p>
beautiful purse, well done! you have an eye for design. I would love to have the pattern for this and make one for myself hollybd@gmail.com. thanks so much!<br />
Please can i have the pattern for this <a href="mailto:laura.bass.09@gmail.com" rel="nofollow">laura.bass.09@gmail.com</a>
Can I&nbsp;please have a copy too?&nbsp;nerdette@gmail.com<br />
&nbsp;Please please please may I have the pattern for this, it's gorgeous!!! My email address is jess.walter@gmail.com Thanks in advance :D
Love your purse! If your still sending the pattern, i would love getting a copy.&nbsp; my email is <a href="mailto:Kay359@aol.com" rel="nofollow">Kay359@aol.com</a>
Could I please try to make your beautiful pattern, my email is mmflygirl@gmail.com Thank you
That purse looks gorgeous, I have some friends who love high-end purses and bags and this would be a great x-mas present for them! (and for me since I'm also a college student on a budget) do you think you could send the pattern to me as well, I'm not quite as daring as you to just go off the photos! Thanks, Katie- ker12@case.edu
I think I will try this idea using an old sweater I´ll buy in a thrift store for like a dollar hehehe (I´m lazy ), I´ll save both money and time lol, great Instructable BTW.
As soon as I saw it, that's exactly what I thought, too. Although I'm a pretty good knitter and I'm quite happy to knit Aran cables, bobbles, etc. the cost of wool / yarn is pretty steep and I think buying a jumper would make for a good sized bag (or two) and maybe even some wallets from the sleeves, too!
These are the cutest bags ever!!!....... they're just adorable.... I have a 13yr old daughter and I'm sure she'd love to have one, I'm not an expert but maybe I should try too.... could you please......... please send me the pattern to monikaba3@hotmail.com....... thanks in advance........
hey great bag beautiful design. I was just wondering if you could please send me the pattern and order of construction of the bag please to yp.rkds@gmail.com this would be greatly and kindly appreciated thankyou
nice job if you like to send me ur pattern i will be very happy...paul_el@hotmail.com

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