Get ready for 4th of July with EZ-EL's Independence Day Hat! Take our red, white, and blue EL wire and make your own July 4th hat. Its great for the whole July 4th weekend! Wear it, show your patriotism, and have fun with it!

Feel free to change out the colors and the design to make it your own!

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1. Hat
2. 10' Red EL Wire
3. 10' Blue EL Wire
4. 10' White EL Wire
5. Needle
6. Black Sewing Thread
7. 3v Inverter
8. 3-way splitter cable
9. Scissor
10. 1-3 Zip Tie

Step 1: Cut Hole

Using a scissor, cut a 3/4 in. hole at the top corner of the hat. Mimic what is being done in the picture or poke a hole where ever you want to start off your design. Poking this hole will help conceal the start of the wire and allow the output wires to be concealed inside the hat.
Glad you guys like it! And good suggestion, Ev, thank you!
I see a sweet July 4th fedora in my future!
Use clear fishing line, it'll be invisible!
that is sweet

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