I made this jumbo sized PEZ container for my husband (an avid PEZ collector) years ago while in a college pottery class. I saw that there was a BIG & small make it challenge and decided this would be a fitting & fun project to "show & tell."Since this was done years ago, (before I met instructables) I don't have the actual photos, or access to the necessary supplies to reenact it all, so I've done the best I can to "fill in the gaps" with photographs of the finished product & a description of the steps I took to get there.

NOTE:This is a project best fitted for someone that has ceramics/pottery experience because this would be the LONGEST instructable EVER if I had to explain all the basics. That being said, I did try to explain & demonstrate in simplest terms & I've provided a few links where I felt further explanation may be required.

Step 1: Supplies & Equipment

about 3-5 lbs of pottery clay (you can either make your own or purchase it)
some cardboard & duct tape (to create a form)
paints & brushes
foil & super glue

You will need access to a ceramics kiln (I luckily had access to the universities huge kiln)
NOTE: Check locally at Universities or art studios for pottery classes, or ask if you can bring work in to be fired in their kilns.
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mygibzone (author) 2 years ago
Thanks much! It's so realistic my 3 year old keeps asking if he can have some. I keep explaining it's not real, but the very next day he asks again. :)
Ez-Kabob2 years ago
Woah… that's awesome!