When someone mentions 'spin art' my mind tunnels directly back to awkward middle school carnivals where each room was filled with some sort of activity like the duck pond, ring toss, the cake walk, bean bag toss, and of course my favorite.....spin art! I would save up all of my tickets and only use them for spin art. I'm sort of embarrassed right now that I can actually recall these events in detail but I really loved watching that paint stream down onto that cheap white cardboard rectangle spinning a million miles an hour. When the table finally came to a complete stop it was like the world stood still for one second while I gasped at my newly created masterpiece. Then before it could dry the parent volunteer would slap it in a flimsy white matte and send me on my way! I felt like a million bucks!

Before my boys are old enough to enjoy the awkwardness of middle school I wanted them to feel my same love for spin art. Since I don't own an actual spin art table I decided to use my salad spinner and use food coloring instead of paint. And what goes well with food coloring? That's right.....cookies and frosting!

It doesn't matter if my boys are playing their favorite games or playing with their favorite toys - as soon as I get out the salad spinner they come running. They love to spin what ever greens I have in the device so you can imagine the excitement when it would be put to use with cookies instead of greens! This could possibly be a child's dream!

You will need the following items:
- jumbo sugar cookies (recipe follows) - cut to fit the bottom of your salad spinner
- frosting (recipe follows) - I made cream cheese frosting but buttercream would also work
- salad spinner - don't worry....the food coloring washes right off
- liquid food coloring
- spreading knife
- rolling pin
- pizza cutter or sharp knife
- squirt bottle (optional)

This is a perfect activity for children and a fun family activity. If you had the cookies pre-baked and frosted this would also be a great activity at a child's birthday party!

Step 1: Make and Bake Jumbo Cookies

Sugar cookies are certainly not boring but if you want to you could make any cookie you want. I would suggest something smooth however because you will need to be able to spread frosting on very smoothly. Gingerbread would work well.

Sugar Cookies
1 c. butter
1 c. sugar
1 t. vanilla extract
1 egg
2 c. all-purpose flour
1 t. baking powder

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

In a large mixing bowl or the bowl of a stand mixer on medium speed cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add vanilla and egg and mix until combined. Sift in baking powder and flour and mix until well combined.

Wrap dough in plastic wrap and refrigerate 30 minutes.

Remove dough from fridge and plastic wrap. Lightly flour a large work surface and roll dough to 1/4 inch thick and cut desired size circle using a table knife.

I made a paper pattern for the size of circle I needed and cut around it.

Place on ungreased sheet pan and bake 10 - 12 minutes or until edges are lightly browned. Removed from oven.

If dough spread too large cut warm cookie to desired size again using a pizza cutter or sharp knife.

Let cool completely on pan.

Makes approx. 6 cookies depending on thickness.

***I made jumbo cookies so they would fit nicely in the bottom of the salad spinner. You could make smaller cookies but you will need to find a way to keep them in the middle so they don't creep up the sides when the device is spinning. You can always cut the cookies if you think they are too big. Did I just say a cookie could be too big? Sorry, what was I thinking!!??
Made these the other day but they were all eaten before I could take pictures. The looked so good!
I'm so glad you made them but bummed you didn't get pictures but I completely understand they get eaten too fast!! I hope you had fun with it.
These look so fun! I am sure my sister would love making these with me.
Take a picture if you make them and post it here. We had a blast making them I'm sure you will too!!
I remember those middle school carnivals... spin art and the cake walk were my favs! And yes, the awkwardness. Great awkward memories. But I LOVE this idea! Its brilliant. Who knew the salad spinner had a double life as an art machine? The cookies turned out so colorful and funky. These would make a great activity for any kid's birthday party!!
I always wanted to win the cake walk but couldn't spare my tickets!! I'm glad someone else remembers the awkwardness as much as I do!
These are really awesome! I'm definitely going to make these for my son's birthday party. :)
Thank you. Send me a picture of the finished cookies! One thing I forgot to mention in the spinning step is if you are dropping coloring while the cookie is spinning hold the dropper up high to get the 'splat and run' look! Since I was doing it with little boys (3 and 5) I spun after the coloring was dropped on to avoid a serious mess!!! Have fun with it!
O.k, great! Thanks for the tip!
Clever idea... love your narrative, too!
Thanks! I hope I'm not the only one who had strange school carnivals like those so people can actually relate!!!!
I think you're safe. ;-) Good luck in the Dessert Contest!
What a fun project! I don't have a salad spinner but now I may have to purchase one just for this! :)
Thanks! Salad spinners are great, especially for this.
A salad spinner was genius! And I love the size of that cookie! It is certainly jumbo :)
Thank you. It's a fun project!
100% agreed - best use of a salad spinner ever!

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