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Introduction: Cupcake in a Cake Costume /Jumbo Wedding Cupcake

About: I make cake for my friends and family occasionally as a hobby. I also enjoy crocheting.

This is my idea of a fun/fancy jumbo cupcake. This large cupcake is perfect for the bride and groom to keep for their anniversary or simply just as a topper on their cupcakes stand with a bunch of coordinating cupcakes.

Step 1: You Will Need:

you will need:

cake mix or favorite cake recipe
canned frosting or icing recipe
6 inch round pan
4 in round (i used a pyrex dish that is oven safe,but you could even use a can .Take label off and clean it)
1 cupcake (for the top tier)
cricut cake mini for the butterflies (you could use reg. cricut cake or just a cute little butterfly cutter)
fondant for decorations
luster dust and brush(optional) 

Bake your cakes. Let cool.Take a serrated knife and  carefully cut off the domes of each cake.

Step 2:

First cover the bottom (6 inch) with icing.Then put the 4 inch little cake on top and cover it. Then top that with the cupcake and ice it. Now take your time to make the icing look nice.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Either cut out your butterflies with cookie cutters or you can use a cricut if you have one. I just got mine so I had to  make a cake with it.(It's just the right thing to

Roll out the fondant into a snake and the roll it out flat and long. You will want to measure your cakes so that you know how long to make the "ribbons" for each tier. Use your foodsafe brush to dust the color onto your ribbons and butterflies. The butterflies should be dried for a day or so against a book or something to give them a little movement. But you will need the ribbons to be frshly made so they will be supple enough to wrap around your cakes. then simply place your butterflies where you want. Now you have a beautiful impressive little cake.



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    OMG.....this is darling! Perfect for little girls (or big girls....ha ha ha) parties!! Love this!

    So pretty! Can you tell us what you used to paint the fondant with?

    4 replies

    thank you, in this case i just used luster dust. but edible airbrush paint does great too.

    Thanks, danylynne!

    your welcome. i am going to publish a cute ipad cupcake tomorrow. its made out of fondant and so easy. i hope you check it out.

    Sounds adorable... I'll watch for it!

    This is beautiful! I think that you should put the picture of the finished cake first and then this instructable would be perfect!

    2 replies

    thank you. i like both of the pics so i plan to change them up a bit. thanks for the advice i will change it soon.

    Cool. I just personally liked the look of the finished cake better than the almost totally frosted one. Anyway, the cake is beautiful.

    thank was very tasty too.

    Love it! I love tiered cakes, but they seem so overwhelming. Brilliant idea with a tiered cupcake!

    1 reply

    thank you.i'm with you. i love tiered cakes too. so this way you can have a smaller version.