Introduction: Jump Lift, a Knex Ball Machine Lift

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Hello knexers!

This is the last of 4 new lifts all first seen in my knex ball machine Paradox.
It's a small lift that was used to lift the balls from the low white floor to the high white floor, but you can use it like you want.

You can make this lift stronger by adding more than 1 rubber band, and it also depends on wich rubber band you're using.
That's the reason why I didn't make an exit for this lift: The height and distance of the balls will be different for everyone.

If you build this lift, read every image note! It will help you a lot!
If you have any problems or questions, feel free to comment or PM me.

I hope you like it and have fun with building!



Step 1: Piece Count

Picture of Piece Count

If you want you can count the pieces before you start building.
Here is a list with all pieces included in this lift, named by their original color:


Green: 24
White: 7
Blue: 25
Yellow: 8
Red: 2

Total rods: 66


Dark-grey: 2
Light-grey: 3
Orange: 6
Red: 4
Green: 1
Yellow: 7
White: 2
Purple: 28
Blue: 4

Total connectors: 57


Blue spacer: 7
Silver spacer: 9
Tan clip: 9
Y-clip: 4
Small blue gear: 2
Medium red gear: 2
Motor: 1
Rubber band: 1 (or more)

Total other: 35

Grand Total: 158

Step 2: Frame

Picture of Frame

This is the base structure for the lift.

Step 3: Motor Section

Picture of Motor Section

This part contains the motor and most of the gears.

Step 4: Entrance

Picture of Entrance

The Entrance. The balls will wait on this track before they will jump in the air.

Step 5: Shooter

Picture of Shooter

This little arm will launch the balls in the air.

Step 6: Axle

Picture of Axle

This is the Axle. At the end, we will also add the rubber band(s).

Step 7: Finished!

Picture of Finished!

Yay! You just finished building your own Jump Lift!
Always slide the switch of the motor to the left.

You can always send me a picture when you've built this lift so I can add it to this step.

Thanks for watching / building!



KneXFAN200 (author)2017-07-01

MADE IT! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you! I might post a picture later...

Thanks for building!

ProtectTheAlphaWolf made it! (author)2017-03-30

works! but it doesnt shoot very high and im afraid that the piece is going to break. What do I do?

What piece do you think will break? I don't think this lift is made to throw the ball high. I think it is made to throw the ball far.

Rather far than high indeed.

Thanks for builing!

The height might also depend on which rubber bands you used, but compare it to the height it reaches in the video. I never had a broken piece while using this lift, so as long as you don't add more rubber bands than I did, your pieces should survive.

random_builder (author)2016-11-30

Very nice for how little pieces it uses.


Linkin_J_Knex made it! (author)2015-09-02

Made it! Part of my first ever ball machine and first Instructable! Please check it out I'd appreciate it :D

Thanks for building! Does it work well?

I'll take a look :)

Yep its perfect and really reliable :D

Good to hear!

www139 made it! (author)2015-05-31

I made it!

sandroknexmaster (author)www1392015-06-02

Thanks for building, thanks for the pictures!

www139 (author)sandroknexmaster2015-06-03

thanks for adding them!

www139 (author)sandroknexmaster2015-06-02

You're welcome! It was fun and it works well!

Knex2thelimit (author)2014-06-26

I really like this lift! So small and piece efficient! Here are the pictures that you asked for on my instructable. The first picture is of the lift itself, and the second picture is where the balls are thrown to. It's the white floor that's in the picture. The lift is in my ball machine called legacy, which is the one I said was coming soon. :P

Thanks! The machine looks good so far!

Thank you! Thanks for adding the pictures. :)

I love this lift! It has probably the lowest piece count of any lift (disregarding chain lift), is most compact, and has the simplest yet most amusing function. How could any ball machine builder resist? ;-D
P.S.: You can tell I like it, right? :-)

Thanks! And how could any ball machine builder resist it? No one can!!! :P

Haha! :-D (It is a cute little lift, as far as ball machine lifts go in the "cute" category.)

Haha, the cutest lift ever! :D

Just built it. Small. Compact. *Boooiiing* (ball flies through air)... AWESOME! ;-)

Thanks! :D

Do you have a pic?

Not yet. I want to test an expanded version of this concept first. :-)

Sounds great!

JonnyBGood (author)2014-01-06

Nice! If only it could achieve cartoon height, like six feet of vertical. That would be awesome! This is a great lift as is.

For the six feet of height, I'd say add a lot of rubber bands and a 12v motor, but I don't think this design is strong enough for that ;)

dickheijboer (author)2014-01-05

Awesome thing!

Thanks! :D

hunter999 (author)2014-01-05

Wow nice! I am yet trying to mod bzempjes lift - not sure if it will get higher! I'm using a 12V motor though since they have the most torque of all the motors, I will be able to use more rubberbands. I like the neatness and the concept of this though! Good job sandro!

Thanks and good luck with the ball shooter! :D

Shadowman39 (author)2014-01-05

Nice lift! I like how small it is. You may want to add to your Ible that the entrance track shouldn't be made too long.

Why should I add that? The entrance track can be as long as you want.
Also, 1900th comment ^^

If there are 10 balls all lined up there, the lift will have a harder time when they all get pushed back. So that force will be added onto the rising tension of the rubber band.

Maybe, I'm not sure about that, but it works perfect with 4 balls (I never tested more than that)
And the lift is quite fast, so there should be a lot of balls entering the entrance track to get more than 4 balls at the same time.

Ok :-P

Shadowman39 (author)Shadowman392014-01-05

And yay @1900th comment. :-D

dr. richtofen (author)2014-01-05

Cool lift!

Thanks! :D

You're welcome :D

Sorunome (author)2014-01-05

haha, nice lift!

Thanks! :D

haha, no problem!

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