Jump Start Your Car With a Cordless Drill





Introduction: Jump Start Your Car With a Cordless Drill

Have you got one of those cordless drills sitting around that hardly get used. If it's a 12 Volt version then , with this simple modification you can Jump start your car when you get a Flat battery, or just use it as a portable power pack.

Step 1: Simple Modification

Start by removing the screws that holds the battery pack together and remove the cover.

Find a suitable place for a connector and cut or drill a hole to suit the connector.

Solder a wire to the Positive and Negative of the battery Pack then ,run these wires to the connector.

screw the cover back on and connect the Jumper Leads. You now have a 12 Volt portable Power Pack,

That you can Jump Start your Car with.



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    brilliant ible and a money saver

    think my car battery kicks out 500 amps CCA!

    My Car Battery has 540 amps CCA.

    You can always buy one of these:


    The widely used cobalt-based lithium-ion has drawbacks; it offers a relatively low discharge current. A high load would overheat the pack and its safety would be jeopardized. The safety circuit of the cobalt-based battery is typically limited to a charge and discharge rate of about 1C. This means that a 2400mAh 18650 cell can only be charged and discharged with a maximum current of 2.4A. Another downside is the increase of the internal resistance that occurs with cycling and aging. After 2-3 years of use, the pack often becomes unserviceable due to a large voltage drop under load that is caused by high internal resistance.

    My neighbor used a lawn mower battery to start his car all summer. Just would not hold up in the cold. One third the cost. Just be sure it will not move around. He has an older cavalier. I thought he was kidding around.

    A better "trick" is to use a Lithium Polymer battery. The specific energy (Wh/kg) is much higher than lead acid, and the cycle life is longer too. Hobby King has a decent price. A battery the size of a pack of cigerettes can do the job of a regular Pb-acid car battery. I plan to replace my car battery (using the appropriate battery management circuitry) with one soon.

    No way. Though these batteries can give a few amps it's by far too low to start your car. The cables you use look like 0.5 mm2. You need really thick ones for the amps to travel.

    The drill Battery puts out 14.4 Volts when fully charged and 12 amps.

    Thats what the jumper leads have to carry , 12 AMPS !

    1mm thick actually , but you can use thicker ones if you make this.