Jump a Dead Car Battery





Introduction: Jump a Dead Car Battery

How to jump a dead car battery.

Step 1: Get the Tools Ready

Tools needed
Jumper Cables
1 running vehicle
1 running dead battery
Know how

Step 2: Ready Vehicles

Move the running vehicle close to the dead one so that the jumper cables will connect to each battery.
Pop open the Hoods. Most are in the cabin on the driver side.
Pull the latch that is in the cabin then go to the hood and look for the safety latch that will have to de-latched to get the hood open.

Step 3: Connect Jumper Cables

NEVER allow the positive and negative clamps touch each other when they are hooked to batters or metal parts of in engine compartment.

Connect negative clamp to the negative terminal on the running vehicle.
Remember to keep the running vehicle running, and avoid fast moving parts with hands.

Connect the other negative to the negative terminal on the dead vehicle.

Then connect the positive clamp to the positive terminal on the running vehicle.
Then connect the other positive clamp to the positive terminal on the dead vehicle.

Step 4: Starting

Wait about 30sec to 1min for a charge to build in the dead battery so it can turn the engine over.
Then disconnect the jumper cables.
In revers order as putting on on.
1.Poss on dead
2.Poss on running
3.Neg on dead
4.Neg on running
Then close the hoods
After the dear car starts DO NOT Turn it off leave it run for 5 min to 10min to build a good charge in the battery.



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    21 Discussions

    Hopefully you got some spare cash laying for a new computer for your vehicle. Because if the charging system on the vehicle you're jumping, back surges YOU WILL FRY your vehicles computer (If your car has a computer), which could cost as much as $1,600 U.S. Dollars depending on the year of your vehicle. This is a FACT not opinion; this is one of the questions on state exam for electrical in automotive repair license. So hook the negative cable to the body, the engine block or the frame to avoid the problem.

    2 replies

    Never EVER go +ve to +ve and -ve to -ve, you could blow up your battery. Connect the -ve (black) from the running vehicle to the bodywork of the dead vehicle and connect the 2 +ves.

    3 replies

    the only way it is going o blow up is because of a spark on the terminal, it truely doe snot mater if it is on the frame or the battery my family has never used the frame, me,dad, cousins, uncles so far no explosions. and if sending 600 amps when you jump a car battery going to blow it up by using the terminals....use my dad 1500 suburban to jump a dead lawn mower with the suburban on...and you know what no explosion.

    That's why American's need warnings on EVERYTHING. Darwinism to it's true potential. Just because you have anecdotal evidence to support what you do - doesn't mean there isn't the risk that you could kill yourself. I am making people aware of the risks - to down play them is ridiculous - you could kill someone because you THINK its safe!!

    No there is just warning on everything so people can sue for not having a warning label...lol is is true

    I will maybe but probable not change how i jump batters when one explodes, so far never heard of any kind of exploding battery. or will i use the frame and if sending 600 amps when you jump a car battery going to blow it up by using the terminals....use my dad 1500 suburban to jump a dead lawn mower with the suburban on...and you know what no explosion.

    This actually is not the advisable way to jump a dead battery. You're not actually supposed to connect all four terminals together. The ideal method involves connecting the negative end of the dead car to the actual engine block so it's grounded and doesn't simply drain the starter car's battery and explode. The order you should do it is, connect: 1.Positive (+) to the dead battery 2. Positive (+) to the starter battery 3. Negative (-) to the starter battery 4. Negative (-) engine block Hope that clarifies. :)

    1 reply

    I Will keep doing it this way. never had any problem with it. Have you ever had one explode. And If the dead battery explodes then there was a bigger problem then a dead battery.

    One point, to get the kick to turn the dead car over you'll probably have to get the engine revved up a fair bit in the starter vehicle, especially for bigger engined dead vehicles and older ones... otherwise nice job.

    9 replies

    Never had to ever rev it up The running one does rev up when the load is on it But ya if you using like a Neon to jump start a V8 or a diesel maybe.