Introduction: Jumping Paper Clip

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Bend a paper clip to make it jump. Very Amusing thing to do when your bored.

Step 1: Get Your Paper Clip

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Find a paper clip laying around and make it useful

Step 2: Bend It

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First bend it out like in the first photo.
Then make a triangle. (photo 2)
Then pull one end up so it is above the other end. (photo 3)
Finnaly pull the end that you pulled up so it stays on the other side of the other end so it looks like the last photo.
hold it on a table, let go.
(the video is sidways)


jlumpkin1 (author)2011-06-20

it worked the first time

Plo Koon (author)2011-05-03

I don't get it =(

Arbitror (author)2008-05-06

Check out this instructable. Makes WAY more sense. No offense...

The Mollusk (author)Arbitror2008-07-03

Ya, but that one still barely makes sense

Naruvatar (author)2008-06-08

i made this years and years and years ago like in the elementary school, i thought everyone else knew how to do it so i kept it to myself and did it once in a while

darkmotion (author)2006-06-10

I dont get how to launch it :S

you're supposed to stand it on one side and let it fall but not on the side where they meet

sgt.paper (author)darkmotion2007-08-08

u drop it

lemonie (author)2007-02-02

I was really hoping for something with magnets, this was dissapointing

NinjaAdrien (author)2006-11-16

these are cool!

kennytatheguy (author)2006-10-06

aw man,i was about to make my 1st instructable on this and was just checkin to see if it was already done. oh well, good explanation of it anyway, and nice pictures

kennytatheguy (author)2006-09-26

haha, i made a ton of these last year, amazed a bunch of peopel

mewantbigboom (author)2006-08-11 friend turned a paper clip into a toy that jumps high if u release it an inch from the ground.

sparboy (author)2006-06-14

wow beans how do you do the whole time release thing? as you can tell i lead a very boring life...

beans7 (author)2006-06-05

I made one of those and found a way for it to time release. When that thing jumps its scary, it goes flying EVERYWHERE!!!

fungus amungus (author)2006-05-05

I remember doing this back in grade school. The key is to look at the third photo on that bottom row. You unbend the paperclip so that it looks like a triangle bent apart. Once you've formed that shape you can push the two ends together and move them around so that they overlap. That's the bottom right photo. Now the paperclip has some tension and when you drop it onto a table it moves the metal a bit and POP it jumps back to shape #3 there. Pretty rad stuff back in second grade.

ll.13 (author)2006-05-05

hmm... weell i think it's a better idea than that board guy's pen jumpy thing who did not go to school or learned how to use a camera =) . but it might just be me but i cannot really get me head round this idea (i know there's bound to be a rocket scientist on here who may be able to explain it to dumb ol' me).

P.S. i'm not saying this is rocket science

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