This is the pistol that I use whenever im shooting knex guns. This gun was completely my own Idea and any look alikes are just simply coincidence. If any of you have good mods than post them and give me some credit within the instructable. If you do post a mod please let me know about it.

I hope you like my new pistol!

Step 1: The Handle

pic 1:make 2
pic 2: make 1
pic 3: put them all together with the piece in pic 2 in the middle. You can do so by putting in one white rod as shown in the picture.
pic 4: another view of the completed handle.
does it involve ball joints or the hinges?<br /> <br />
No, it does not.
could you tell me how the trigger works or point me towards a instructable which shows how to make trigers casue i want to make a gun and the only thing i cant do is make a trigger
for some reason i really like this, 4.5*.
This is an OK gun for a second instructable but I've seen a k'nex gun very similar to it. 3.0 I think. :)
Third should be much better if there is one, I have made better than this pistol with my own ideas but never decided to post.
I have an idea shown in a picture I edited below. The green lines are elastics and the red ones are the elastics' pulling direction. This mechanism wil allow you to have two magazines ready at once. After you have emptied one magazine, you can pull it out and the other will snap into place. If you can make a similar design, it allow for double your current capacity.
Wow that's a really cool idea, I will try that after I finish the sniper I'm building. If you do that as a mod then feal free to post it if you want.
Okay, since your interested, heres are more advanced look at the system. The green line is a rod, the pink line is a piece that will slide forward on the rod when the magazine moves forward to be fired - this setup will keep the elastic band that pushes the mag down directly under the magazine as it moves forward. The yellow box is a couple of yellow connectors attached with a tiny green rod to push the ammo and magazine forward (otherwise only the magazine "pusher downer" would get moved). The black box is also shown in the first picture I showed you and it just something to attach an elastic band to. If you don't understand part of this just ask me about it. :)
The only thing I don't really get is the pink piece.
Okay, the pink blob is a connector that the rear magazines elastic will be attached to and this connector will slide forward on the rod to maintain straightdownward pull on the magazine. It is a slide for the mag.
Get it now? If not I will find a picture to post.
Yea I do but how is the second mag going to lock in place?
I just built this mod, it has a couple of fatal flaws. Don't build it.
Lol. I just wasted so much time too. XD.
I'm sorry to hear that, the plans looked good.
Oh, I didn't mean literally lock into place, I meant it will move into the correct position and send ammo down to be fired. It shouldn't need to be locked into position, it will automatically deposit its ammo load.
Ok, thank you.
You pull back the piece called the firing rod in the back until the trigger goes up into place, next you pull the trigger kind of downwards until the ram releases and fires the rod.

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