Step 3: Clothing and Rain Gear

As mentioned before it rains a lot (see a theme here?) I take rain gear as a back up for the umbrella, but it can be hot though sometimes I get just as wet from sweating in the rain gear. But when the heavens open up and its raining so hard you can't see three feet it helps.

As far as what to wear that's an individual choice. Light, tightly woven cotton is the most comfortable, synthetics seem to feel hot and sticky. I have learned to stay with long pants and sleeves to keep the leeches off.

Leeches wait on leaves get on you as you walk by, they move like Slinky's up your boot or pant leg looking for a way to skin.... so everything is tucked in and buttoned! Some people even wear coveralls. Leech socks are also good to protect your feet and lower legs. They are usually a tightly woven cotton foot with a nylon upper which either ties or has elastic. Leeches can get down into your shoes and regular socks are no deterrent.

I wear gloves when handling bamboo it has fine hairs which will irritate your skin. They also protect from thorns.

I wear shorts around camp where I can keep an eye out for leeches. A wide brim hat can keep  the sun off.
Hi, i m from Malaysia. Live in Kedah. My nearest jungle is Hutan Ulu Muda. Come here and feels the natures of rainforest..
<p>Thank you. I would love to visit Kedah someday! </p>
<p>Thank you! Now living in Ecuador, my previous knowledge of camping as a kid in West Texas has only helped moderately. This was exactly what I've been looking for. </p>
<p>Hi there,</p><p>I am also an avid camper and is terrified of leeches. Throughout the years, i have tested and tried every possible method written and have finally found the perfect solution. It is called &quot;Minyak Udang&quot; or prawn oil translated. It is not made from prawns LOL but is a menthol based herbal concoction that is available in small glass bottles or various sizes and costing about RM6.00 at any chinese medicinal shops. According to the label, it is manufactured and bottled in singapore. </p><p>Uses: drop a drop or two on the leech and it will drop in one second no matter how big they are. they fall to the ground and curl up and die.</p><p>My son had the unfortunate small microscopic tick that latched itself on his testicles and despite the magnifying glass, all we could see was a red welt. 2 drops on the welt and a small black dot appeared and under magnification, it was the tick dead which we picked off with a tweezer. </p><p>Also has antiseptic properties and great with mosquito bites. </p><p>Hope this helps.</p>
<p>Really enjoyed reading your thoughts/tips on Jungle camping. I hiked in Malaysia a few years ago and I get what you're saying about the wet and leeches (I was eaten alive).</p>
Great. Yeah, I actually miss living there. The jungle is a interesting place to hike.
<p>I agree with you, really tough to find any info on nice places to camp in Malaysia...</p>
you have more experience than me about our jungle here.I'am just a city guy..I could learn something frm u especially about the outdoor gears.thanx for the interesting instructables :D
I love Malaysia! I lived there 3 years and miss it still...
thank you 4 visiting Malaysia!
thank you 4 visiting Malaysia!
Just wondering what kind of Rain pants/jacket you are using. Im looking for some and I figure if they made it through the jungle, it will work for me.<br><br>Great Ible
I have Red Ledge which seemed the best value. I have been happy with them.<br><br>Thanks!
I like your Instructable. It is well presented and simple. You also don't stress the latest and greatest gear. I feel like you use the KISS principle well (Keep It Stupidly Simple). Keep up the good work.
where do you set your camp in the rainforest?
It depends, but if not in a campground I try and find an area where the trees are thinned out. I clear the underbrush,then hang my hammock. If I'm going to be there for a while I might build a table and benches from bamboo.

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