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Introduction: Junk Art

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If you have random electonic components that you have lying aroung and have nothing to do with them, you could make art! Then you won't have to throw them out! And it's really easy too!
Cost: $1. All parts salvaged.
This is a basic idea of what you might need:

-electronics and other components
-glue (somthing that can fill space like hot glue)*
-pliers (needlenose)

*hot glue was $1. Will last for several months.

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Step 1: Electronics Dissasembly

You can usually electronic parts with a bunch of screwdrivers. Find the screws and unscrew all of them. If you don't, you might have a hard time opening something and have to go back and unscrew the screws you left out. Sometimes, they hide under stickers and pads. If someone can assemble it, you can dissassemble it! Look at the pic. I have more than that!

Step 2: Starting Off

It's sometimes hard to think of what to make. I made a bird because the hard drive reader I had looked like a bird's head. (doesn't it?) You could probably think of something. Or you don't have enough parts to make something. Think of the whole "masterpiece" by mapping out all the parts.

Something you might need, and a good place to start out with is a base. Sometimes the project is stable enought to not need a base, but this one did. I used a hard drive disk.

Step 3: Assembling

Get the first part, the one you might of chosen to start off (bird head). Add differend bits and pieces 'till it looks like something. Remember to make it 3D, unless your making a flat piece of art.

Some tricks:
Wires- turn them into hair, fur, tenticles, wings, tails... (first pic)
Curcuit boards- use whole or cut/break them with tools. (second pic)
Screws- grass, toes, spikes...(third pic)
Disks-good base, saws, plates of armor...(third pic)

Step 4: Done... But More Ideas!

Yay! Did you make something cool?!? Now you have a cool piece of artwork that doesn't just have to be thrown away yet. How about adding: lights, speakers, or motors? Possibilities are endless.

This instructible has been entered in the "Dead Computer Contest".



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    in korea. can't make more junk art thingys.

    3 replies

    did you say youre in Korea?

    can u read? ;)

    I must say that is very awesome. Good luck on the competition, now I just need to get my entry finished.

    hold on peoples! I'm making a slide show (stop action movie)! And It's another piece of JUNK ART!

    Very cool! As an FYI, hot glue comes in different grades. I've gotten industrial hot glue at Sears. You need a real hot glue gun, but the glue holds really well. (this is too coll to let it fall apart!)

     I meant to say you need a better name than junkart, perhaps something like "HDPhoniex"  or "hardrivicus recyclius"

    2 replies

    junkart is simple enough.

     I wasn't referring to the name of your instructable, all art needs a name though. Junk Art is a style/medium thats really popular. if you have any plans to create more and market them each will need its own name. As an artist I know how aggravating it can be to come up with a name for something that you've just created, something thats appropriate now and hopefully in the distant future. If your not considering creating more, and I think that would be a waste of a very creative mind, then by all means go ahead and ignore me

    it is really cool!

    Your best picture is the last one, I would move that to the top.


    2 replies

    I agree.

    I agree... First pic looks weird but the last one actually looks awesome...

    And I was gonna navigate away since the first pic made it look like a crappy instructables... But otherwise the instructable is pretty good especially the end result.

    That is REALLY WILD !  sculptures like this can sell really well and for hundreds of dollars. See if theres an artwalk in your area or hit up some galleries (having more than one piece helps though)

    now i know what to make a great model out of! i never thought of using the electronic parts as pieces of art...
    good luck, ANDY!, although it looks like i might need it more...

    I would recommend not using batteries as they have a tendency of corroding. Very nice chicken, though. I haven't seen anything so creative with hard drive parts.