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This instructable will tell you how to build a junk bot.

Step 1: What You Will Need

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Supplies: Tin foil, card board, empty tape roll, scissors, googly eyes, used white eraser, mechanical pencil inside, paper clip, bead, pen top, and an old battery. Tools: hot glue gun and box knife.

Step 2:

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Cut all cardboard pieces you need.

Step 3:

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Cover all cardboard pieces in tin foil.

Step 4:

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Glue the battery the back of the cardboard.

Step 5:

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Now attach the small piece of card board to the bigger one with hot glue.

Step 6:

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Attach the rocket legish things on the back with hot glue.

Step 7:

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Now take apart the tape roll and attach it how you want with hot glue.

Step 8:

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Attach the eraser where you want to on the front.

Step 9:

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Attach the googly eyes where you want to.

Step 10:

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Make the ray gun out of the pencil inside and attach it.

Step 11:

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Cut the pen top to fit under the battery. Then put the pen top under the battery and secure it with glue.

Step 12:

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Make a little fake light with a bead and paper clip. Then attach that to the back.

Step 13: Done!

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Congratulations you have now built your own junk bot.


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