Introduction: Junk Marble Machine

Very simple and dirty Marble Machine made of junk,
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coolfolder (author)2010-07-25

I LOVE IT! the idea of a magnet lift is AWSOME!!!

didgitalpunk (author)2010-06-24

nice thing! i like the magnet elevator idea!

michaelgohjs (author)2010-06-21

sweet ^^ i think i will make 1

porcupinemamma (author)2010-01-17

I would love to take a workshop and learn to make one.  very NICE!!

macobt (author)porcupinemamma2010-01-18

Thanks,I was surprised how fyn is this toy :)

me (author)2010-01-17

 wow that is a very neat solution for a tricky problem, nice work on that marble lift

macobt (author)me2010-01-17

thanks :)

mattthegamer463 (author)2010-01-16

Is that lift using a magnet to hold the ball bearing in place?   Soooo much better than my Archimedes screw that I wanted to use for my proposed marble run. 

Thanks for the ideas. :)

macobt (author)mattthegamer4632010-01-16

Yes that is small magnet. thanks for comment
regards macobt

lemonie (author)2010-01-16

Yeah, nice.


Jayefuu (author)2010-01-16

Clever lift. I like it :D

macobt (author)2010-01-15

Thanks :)

Zaphod Beeblebrox (author)2010-01-15

love it!!

Doctor What (author)2010-01-15

 Very cute!  I like the simplicity of it!

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Bio: My name is marjancho and I love electronics,makeing gadgets,hack and pranks.
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