Picture of Junk mail Christmas tree
Turn a stack of junk mail (or old books, magazines or office supplies) and some spare time into a beautiful, functional Christmas tree for your home or office in 5 easy steps! Go colorful & quirky or elegant & wintry with this eco-friendly, ornaments-optional how-to.

A few days ago, I realized:
1. I had a huge pile of junk mail taking up valuable real estate in my art studio, and
2. I wanted a Christmas tree.
I also don’t have a lot of spare cash for a tree, am morally conflicted with supporting an industry of tree-killing, and am constantly on the lookout for daily projects as I’m about to finish up ArtProject2010, a self-imposed year-long challenge to make a piece of art every day. Et voila! Junk mail Christmas tree was born. As the stars aligned to bring me a project solving multiple problems of mine at once, I figured it was the least I could do to pass the holiday spirit on to others with this Instructable.

This project is best for a small, tabletop tree- unless you have many, many hours of free time and lots of paper. In that case, feel free to go bigger. ;) This is also an economical, festive way to display something like jewelry for sale.

For this project, you’ll need:
-Junk mail OR an old book, hymnals, Christmas stories, office supplies, old textbooks, love letters, newspapers, magazines, a phone book, scraps of wrapping paper, old Christmas cards or any paper scraps you care to use
-Acrylic matte medium OR Elmer’s glue watered down a bit
-A wide brush
-Packing tape (or duct tape; scotch isn’t going to cut it)

-A hole punch
-Small box for stand (recommended)
-Wrapping paper/fabric/ribbon for stand

drwebster2 years ago
wow realy cool
SzilviaP2 years ago
I made this for last Christmas, found a big appliance box by my apartment, I used up all my junk mails and some more. :-) Thank you for the great idea. It was free and it looked gorgeous. I kept it until May. Keep up posting fantastic things like this.
suayres3 years ago
That's gorgeous--and perfectly brilliant! Bravo!
sriya_dsign4 years ago
this is sooo beautiful! amazing idea!