Step 3: Prepare a stand (optional but recommended)

You can certainly set your tree flat on to a table when you’re done and omit this step, but adding a “stand” keeps your tree sturdy, gives it a little extra height, an additional tier to hang ornaments from and some space to place presents. It also helps keep your base up off the table while you’re applying paper, which makes that process easier. Hence, I recommend it.

Find a small box as close to cube-shaped as you can, about equal to half the length of your bottom tier. Using scissors, cut a thin notch about an inch deep into each corner, just wide enough for the cardboard to fit in it. I used my first cutout scrap as a guide to mark the other corners and make them all the same depth. I suppose a ruler would have also done the trick, but hey. I’m an improviser. Cut the top off of your box (if it has one) so that the tree can sit in it. Place your four tree tiers into the four corner notches of your stand. Don’t worry, we’ll gussie it up later. ;)

<p>wow that is so coolest I should try it at my house and I think people should do it too</p>
wow realy cool
I made this for last Christmas, found a big appliance box by my apartment, I used up all my junk mails and some more. :-) Thank you for the great idea. It was free and it looked gorgeous. I kept it until May. Keep up posting fantastic things like this.
That's gorgeous--and perfectly brilliant! Bravo!
this is sooo beautiful! amazing idea!

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