Create a cool fish sculpture out of some rusty metal bits and pieces you can find on any junk pile.

The body of the fish is made out of an old rusty 20 litre paint tin (I think!) and is mounted on some thick, rusty wire. I can't remember where I found the material (probably at some tip or at the side of the road) I do remember my wife asking me what in god’s name was I doing collecting rusted junk from the side of the road!

Step 1: Step 1 - Materials and Tools

So the first thing you need to source is some rusty, old prices of metal. The best places to find this stuff is at tips, old or abandoned houses, the sides of the road, actually anywhere!
If your married like I am then you might have to work on a reason why you need to stop the car every time you see an old piece of thrown away, rusted and useless (not for much longer though) junk.

1. Rusted sheet metal - I used a 20 lt can I found.

2. Rusted wire. This is attached to the fish and used to display it.

3. Thin rusted wire. This is used to attach the fish to the display wire.

1.  Tin snips.

2.  Sharp, pointy things (used to scratch your design into the sheet metal.

3.  Various pliers
<p>I really like this piece. My friend and I have many times driven backwards to take another look see at the side of the road...:)</p>
Nicely done!
Very nice, I love the design.

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