Step 2: Step - 2 Design and Cutting

Now you have everything your ready to scratch in your design.

1. Cut-out a nice square piece of metal from whatever you have managed to find.

2. Use something sharp to scratch in the areas you will need to cut. When you come to the head, it's not too important to have everything symmetrical. You can fix this up once the general design has been cut-out.

3. The sketch below is what I worked from.

2. Use a ruler to make sure your ribs are nice and straight.

3. Start cutting.
<p>I really like this piece. My friend and I have many times driven backwards to take another look see at the side of the road...:)</p>
Nicely done!
Very nice, I love the design.

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Bio: I've always liked pulling things apart - it's the putting back together again that I have some issues with.
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