Step 4: Step 4 - Bending Into Shape and Attaching

Picture of Step 4 - Bending Into Shape and Attaching
Next you need to get everything bent into shape.

1. This part is up to you on how you want your sculpture to look. Make the ribs longer or shorter depending on how fat you want your fish to look.

2. Slightly make each part of the head curved and bring the front parts together.

3. Curve the spine to give the fish an arched back.

4. Twist the tail so it is vertical.

Next is to add the thick wire which the fish will sit on.

1. Drill 2 holes along the middle of the spine.

2. Bend the metal wire into a "U" shape and thread through the 2 holes.

3. Once through, bend the wire so it won't come out.

Your done! Go and stick him in the garden somewhere where everyone can see him.