Step 2: Roll Out the Dough

Divide and set aside about one third of the dough

Roll the remaining two-thirds out on a lightly-floured surface, until it's about 4mm thick - it should be big enough to just fit on a 30cm (12 inch) cookie sheet

Transfer the dough to the cookie sheet (you can do this by rolling it gently around the rolling pin, then unrolling it in place.  If your cookie sheet is not very reliably nonstick, cover it first with a sheet of reusable nonstick baking film or lightly oiled greaseproof paper

Use a chopstick or other straight edge to give the surface a rock-like texture

Press a bottle cap or other small circular object into the surface here and there to mark out some shallow depressions
<p>Making a fishy (only in design, im not that bad a baker) version. Great idea</p>
made them but they didn't look as pretty! used a water bottle as a rolling pin since I didn't have one. May not have added enough liquid to dough. like how they came out though
<p>As someone who has a diploma in culinary arts and a degree in geology this is my perfect recipe!! I love it :) Thank you for sharing</p>
If I wasn't allergic to gingerbread I'd so make this, great job it's both fantastic &amp; adorable as hell.
Is it the spices you're allergic to? If so - you could try a different flavouring (a tablespoon full of cocoa powder maybe)
I'm not sure, it's just when I eat gingerbread my throat tightens up to a point where I can't breath it sucks.
Brilliant idea - must try this. Looks delicious too.
The geologist in me couldn't help but give this 5 stars. Really fun looking, and no doubt delicious. A plus!
Love this... welldone :)
What a clever idea, and so well executed!
What an incredibly clever 'ible. Thank you for sharing it with us!

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