Step 6: Cool

When the gingerbread is cooked, remove from the oven and allow it to cool on the tray for 10 minutes - it will be too soft and fragile to handle when hot.

Separate the gingerbread from the tray or baking sheet with a thin blade such as a palette knife, then slide it carefully onto a wire rack to cool - it also helps if you incline the wire rack a little - this allows the steam to escape from underneath - and prevents the middle of the piece turning soggy.

When completely cool, the edges of the slab will be crunchy and the middle and thicker parts will be slightly chewy - something for everyone.
<p>Making a fishy (only in design, im not that bad a baker) version. Great idea</p>
made them but they didn't look as pretty! used a water bottle as a rolling pin since I didn't have one. May not have added enough liquid to dough. like how they came out though
<p>As someone who has a diploma in culinary arts and a degree in geology this is my perfect recipe!! I love it :) Thank you for sharing</p>
If I wasn't allergic to gingerbread I'd so make this, great job it's both fantastic &amp; adorable as hell.
Is it the spices you're allergic to? If so - you could try a different flavouring (a tablespoon full of cocoa powder maybe)
I'm not sure, it's just when I eat gingerbread my throat tightens up to a point where I can't breath it sucks.
Brilliant idea - must try this. Looks delicious too.
The geologist in me couldn't help but give this 5 stars. Really fun looking, and no doubt delicious. A plus!
Love this... welldone :)
What a clever idea, and so well executed!
What an incredibly clever 'ible. Thank you for sharing it with us!

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