Introduction: Just Another One Bulbasaur Pot :^)

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(because i gotta catch them all)

and cause this guy inspired me

Step 1: Create an Paper Mache Mass

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warning: sorry 'bout my shitty english, i'm dumb russian girl and i can't into this

glue-based paste: cheapest toilet paper (2 rolls) or other wastepaper, chipped into small (VERY SMALL) pieces. water 1.5l . PVA adhesive 500ml . a lil bit boiled linseed oil . gauze .
1. fold shredded paper in a bowl and fill it with water (about 1.5 liters). note that on the surface does not remain dry mass of fragments. 2. we leave a lot of swell for 24 hours (or knead this with blender >:з). after 24 hours, the weight must be wring out. to do this, we usually use the gauze, folded several times.

3.add to the mass 500 grams of PVA glue. mix small batches glue and paper pulp more efficiently, approximately 100 grams and mix thoroughly each time.
4. add linseed oil and also mix well. oil gives a lot of additional flexibility. mix it well
this mass of paper mache, you can lay in shape or just sculpt.

Step 2: Pokemon Bowels :x

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first you need to make a skeleton. I made it from the foil and wire (sorry, no picture)

over the the carcass can be gradually sculpt our mass

Step 3: Let Him Dry!

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give him a ~day to dry. (Preferably in a well ventilated area.)

Step 4: Vzhhh

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after drying, rub it, use emery paper

Step 5:

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then the pot can be primed



after the primer has dried, you can begin the most interesting part - paint him

Step 7: :o

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put the plant in and enjoy!


tipigeon (author)2016-03-01


Your english is ok tho don't be ashamed of it!

Especially since you're russian!

try to do Chikorita next, or maybe Treecko :)

m8rris (author)2016-02-29

love this! pokemon is the best. good work ?

m8rris (author)m8rris2016-02-29

i mean good work!!!!!

kindredou (author)m8rris2016-02-29

thanks a lot!! :3

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-02-28

Awesome bulbasaur! Next try Ivysaur.

thank you ( ◡‿◡ *)

LaughingSkeleton (author)2016-02-29

Enter this in one of the contests!
Awesome which one? I have no idea :D

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